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[Pearl Shop] Preview of Upcoming New Outfits – December 22, 2021



Hello Adventurers! Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming new Berserker outfit that will be released on December 22, 2021 (Wed)!  




▲ Upcoming Berserker Outfit


New Outfit Release Date Class

December 15, 2021 (Wed)


December 22, 2021 (Wed)


All Classes

December 29, 2021 (Wed)


January 5, 2022 (Wed)


January 12, 2022 (Wed)


* Please note that the release order of the outfits/classes is subject to change. We will do our best to continue to release amazing outfits to repay your support and interest.

* The actual appearance of the released outfit may differ from the preview image above. The outfit’s release date is also subject to change.

- We will update you through this notice if any of the release dates are changed.


New Coupon Code




Cron Stone x100

Superior Whale Tendon Potion x5

[Event] Corrupt Oil of Immortality x3

[Event] Elion's Tear x3

Premium Elixir Box x2


Calpheon Ball Coupon Codes



  • J's Hammer of Loyalty
  • Advice of Valks (+100)



  • [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days)



  • Cron Stone x1000
  • Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x10
  • J's Special Scroll x3
  • [Event] Shining Shakatu's Seal x10
  • Mystical Artisan's Memory Bundle
  • [Event] Today's Fine Steed Training Box
  • [Event] Rare Courser Training Box x2



[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days)



  • Main Weapon Exchange Coupon
  • Sub-weapon Exchange Coupon
  • Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon



  • J's Hammer of Loyalty x1
  • Advice of Valks (+150) x1

Removal of [Oasis] Ramones Gear With Transfused Crystals



Greetings, Adventurers.


As the Oasis event ended on November 24, 2021 (Wed), the [Oasis] Ramones Gear was removed and [Oasis] Ramones Gear with transfused crystals were made unusable.


However, the [Oasis] Ramones Gear with transfused crystals are currently useable. As such, these items will be removed during the maintenance on December 8, 2021 (Wed).


Please refer below for more details.


Removal of [Oasis] Ramones Gear With Transfused Crystals

- [Oasis] Ramones Gear With Transfused Crystals will be removed during the maintenance on December 8, 2021 (Wed).

Removed Items

[Oasis] TRI: Ramones’s Main Weapon

[Oasis] TRI: Ramones’s Sub-Weapon

[Oasis] TRI: Ramones’s Awakening Weapon

[Oasis] TRI: Ramones’s Defense Gear

* Any transfused crystals will be deleted with the [Oasis] Ramones Gear during the maintenance on December 8 (Wed). Please make sure to extract the crystals before the maintenance to keep them.  


Thank you.


End of 2021 Season+


Greetings, Adventurers. 

As you may know, Season+ is coming to an end during the maintenance on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. That’s why we want to explain what will change with the end of Season+ in today’s announcement. 


P.S. Stay tuned for the next Winter Season on December 22! 


End of 2021 Season+ 

During the maintenance on December 1, 2021 

Start of 2021 Winter Season 

After the maintenance on December 22, 2021 

Season Characters and Quests 

- All Season+ characters will be converted to “Normal Characters” during the maintenance on December 1. 

- All “Season Quests” will be removed (unless otherwise specified below).  

Season Pass & Black Spirit Pass 

- The Black Spirit Pass will be removed from the Pearl Shop (F3) during the December 1 maintenance. 

- Make sure to receive all the Season Pass & Black Spirit Pass rewards before the December 1 (Wed) maintenance.  

- Unclaimed rewards will be removed during the December 1 (Wed) maintenance. (Once you claim the normal rewards of the Season Pass, the Black Spirit Pass rewards will become available. Both the Season Pass and Black Spirit Pass rewards must be claimed in the order from start to finish.) 

Challenge Removal 

Challenges Removed on December 1 

Season Character Level 30 - 61 Challenges 

* These Challenges will be removed during the December 1 (Wed) maintenance. Please make sure to claim all of the rewards before they are removed.  

* Please refer to the [Season Level Up Rewards!] event page for more details about the Challenges.  

Item Removal 

List of Removed Items 
(During the December 1 maintenance) 

- Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate 

- Time-filled Black Stone 

- Refined Magical Black Stone 

- Tuvala Ore 

- Time-filled Black Stone Bundle 

- Refined Magical Black Stone Bundle 

- Tuvala Ore Bundle 

- [Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze 

- [Season] Tuvala Conversion Stone Box and [Season] Tuvala Conversion Stones 

- [Season] Leveling Aid Boxes (including all boxes for different levels) and [Season] New Adventure Box. 

- Tuvala gear and accessories that haven’t been converted. 

- Rift’s Fragment 

- Rift’s Echo 

[Season] Rift's Roots 

- Frozen Tides Black Stone 

- Fughar’s Timepiece 

- Vahmalkea: Rift Chest 

- [Season] Secret Book of the Crimson Fog 

* [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon will remain in your Inventory and will be useable in the next season. 

Reward Items 

Adventurers who were not able to complete [Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad or [Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World will receive the items below through the in-game mail (B). 


Completion Rewards for Uncompleted Quests 

Gift Box Full of Memories 

Fughar’s Letter of Encouragement 

* You will not receive the rewards if your Season+ character has been deleted or does not exist during the maintenance on December 1 (Wed).  

Continuable Season Quests 

Quests Still Available after the December 1 maintenance 

- [Season Pass/Black Spirit Pass] Crow Merchants Guild's Gift quests 

- [Seasonal Special Gift] Dreaming Beyond the Sunset 

- [Season] Sunset Maple Leaf exchange quests 

- Simplified main questline 

- Boss Gear exchange quests 


Unconverted Tuvala Gear 

Season+ Tuvala gear that have not been converted with conversion stones will be automatically converted and returned to Adventurers during the December 1 (Wed.) maintenance following the criteria below. (Tuvala gear for equipment slots that was already converted will not be sent to you.) 

Tuvala Gear Conversion Criteria (In Order of Priority) 

① Unconverted Tuvala gear with the highest enhancement level per equipment slot (1 per equipment slot except 2 for earrings and rings for a total of 13): 
E.g.) If you have a “PEN (V): Tuvala Gloves” and “TRI (III): Tuvala Gloves” in your inventory or storage, then only the “PEN (V): Tuvala Gloves” will be converted. I 
If there are two or more identical types of Tuvala gear with the same enhancement level, then the second criteria will be followed. 


② Branded Tuvala gear (Item Brand Spell Stone): 

E.g.) If you have a branded “PEN (V): Tuvala Gloves” and unbranded “PEN (V): Tuvala Gloves," then the branded “PEN (V): Tuvala Gloves” will be converted. 


If there are two or more identical types of branded Tuvala gear with the same enhancement level, then the third criteria will be followed. 

③ Most recently crafted Tuvala gear: 

E.g.) If you own an unbranded PEN (V) Tuvala Longsword (crafted on November 1) and an unbranded PEN (V) Tuvala Amulet (crafted on November 10), then the more recently crafted PEN (V) Tuvala Amulet will be converted. 

* Any Tuvala gear that is excluded by the criteria above will not be recoverable. 

* Tuvala gear that have been converted this way will be placed in the Inventory of the character that graduated from Season+. However, if your Inventory is full, then the gear will be sent to your Heidel Storage. 

* Additional Notices  
- If you want to use one of the deleted gear instead of the converted gear, please contact us via [Support Center] before the January 5, 2022 (Wed.) maintenance. 

- Please provide the name and enhancement level of the converted gear you wish to exchange as well as the name and enhancement level of the gear you want to recover when submitting your ticket. 

- Please note that we can only provide recovery services only once per equipment slot for the converted gears. 


We want to thank all our Adventurers who’ve enjoyed Season+ so far. Here is a coupon if you need a small boost before Season+ is gone!  

Coupon Code 



Time-filled Black Stone x200 

Refined Magical Black Stone x60 

Tuvala Ore x150 

Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll x2 

Advice of Valks (+40) x1 

* This coupon can only be redeemed once per Family.  

* Coupon/Web Storage/In-Game Mail Expiration Date: December 1 (Wed) maintenance   

* Coupon codes are no longer be redeemable after the expiration date, and any redeemed items stored in the Web Storage or in-game mailbox (B) will also disappear after the expiration date. 


Happy adventuring! See you all in the Winter Season!  


FREE Gift Pack



Adventurers, a FREE Gift Pack has arrived! It contains a variety of items that will help you on your adventures and a stylish outfit for your character, so make sure to get it!


FREE Gift Pack

Event Period

- October 14, 2021 (Thu) after maintenance - TBA


Event Details

① Adventurers who downloaded Black Desert from the official website can purchase the package below from the [Black Desert Website] and Adventurers who downloaded Black Desert from Steam can purchase it from the [Steam Store].

Package  Price 

Black Desert - FREE Gift Pack


* This package can only be purchase and claimed once per Family/account.

* After you purchase packages, the items are sent to your in-game mailbox (B).


Package Contents
(All Obtainable)

[Event] Treasurable Memories Classic Box x1


[Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days) x1


Inventory +8 Expansion Coupon x1


Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x5


Advice of Valks (+60) x1

* The [Event] Treasurable Memories Classic Box cannot be listed on the Central Market.


■ Learn more about the items!

Item Name Details

[Event] Treasurable Memories Classic Box x1

Open to receive an outfit for the class you are playing. Equip your character with an awesome-looking outfit!

[Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days) x1

Provides the following benefits for 7 days: Energy Recovery +2, Item Drop Rate +20%, Central Market Warehouse Capacity +2,000 VT, Transaction Maid Volume Limit +100 VT, and Storage Transport Weight Limit +1,500 LT.

Inventory +8 Expansion Coupon x1

Expands your inventory by up to 8 slots, letting you carry more items!

Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x5

An item that can grants a Combat/Skill EXP +300% buff. Right-click this item from your inventory to use it and level up faster!

Advice of Valks (+60) x1

Increases the item enhancement chance. Advice of Valks (+60) increases it by +60.

* Additional Notices

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.

- As stated in the Terms of Service, purchased Acoin and in-game items cannot be refunded.

- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods may result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward(s) and/or restriction from the game.

- Unless otherwise stipulated by the relevant law/regulation and/or explicitly in the service articles, purchased web packages and the items included in these packages are not eligible for a refund once finalized.

- If your account is restricted from the game for violating the Terms of Service even before the date you purchased a package during the event period, your reward items may be withdrawn.


Pearl Abyss' 11th Year Anniversary Coupon Code


Coupon Code: PEAR-LABY-SS11-YEAR


[GM Notes] Find Out What Season+ Has to Offer!



As we sadly say goodbye to the Summer Season, it’s time to say hello to Season+!


Season+ brings with it easier Tuvala enhancements and the ability to exchange all 7 types of Tuvala Gear for Boss Gear. If you want to learn all about Season+, make sure to read everything below!


Season Server and Character

“Season Servers” are progression-focused servers that are available for certain periods of time. These servers are only accessible with a “Season Character.”


Creating a season character is super simple. Once you’ve logged into Black Desert, go to the Character Selection screen and press the [+] button to see all of Black Desert’s many classes. Once you’ve figured out which class you want to play, select it.



All that’s left is to customize your character to your liking, then check the “Season Character” checkbox and click Create!


Before you go, keep in mind that you can only create one season character per season.



Season Server and Character Perks

  1. So, you’re probably wondering what exactly are the advantages of playing a season character on the season servers. Read on to find out!



■ Season Character Perks

First of all, a season character is the only way you can experience the advantages of the season servers! Plus, season characters receive special level up rewards every time they reach a certain level.


That’s why the Season+ is one of the best ways to level up your character and receive a ton of rewards! Make sure not to miss out!


If you want to learn more about the Season Character Level Up rewards, check out the [Season+ Level Up Rewards] event page.


■ Season Server Perks

1) Boosted EXP Buffs

As the season servers are focused on character progression, they offer 24/7 EXP buffs without limitations on character levels.


EXP Buff 

Weekday (Monday @ 02:00 - Friday @ 16:00)

Combat EXP 150%

Skill EXP 50%


Weekend (Friday @ 22:00 - Monday 10:00 UTC)



Weekend (Friday @ 15:00 - Monday 03:00 UTC)

Combat EXP 250%

Skill EXP 50%

▲ Active on the season servers until the end of Season+!


Furthermore, we’re kicking off the start of Season+ with a Combat EXP +300% & Skill EXP +50% Hot Time event from September 15, 2021 (Wed) until the maintenance on September 29, 2021 (Wed)!



2) Season Pass

The Season Pass is meant to support our Adventurers as they progress in the season and is only available to season characters. You can access it from the Black Spirit button at the left of the minimap.



By completing the Season Pass Challenge, you can receive a Leveling Aid Box that will help you as your level up. You can open the Leveling Aid Boxes every 5 levels from levels 10 – 50, and every level from levels 50 – 61.


Here’s a look at two of the featured rewards.

Featured Season Pass Rewards


Defeat the monster summoned from the “Rift’s Echo” to obtain the Frozen Tides Black Stone!

The Frozen Tides Black Stone is an enhancement material that has a 100% chance to successfully enhance season character exclusive Tuvala gear from TET (IV) → PEN (V).(Note: This item cannot be used to enhance Tuvala accessories.)

Complete certain main quests, defeat certain monsters, or reach Lv. 61 to obtain [Season] Sunset Maple Leaves!

Bring the [Season] Sunset Maple Leaves you’ve collected to Igor Bartali in Velia and exchange them for special items!


For more info about the Season Pass, check out the [Season Pass (feat. Sunset Maple Leaves)] event page!


* If you progress through the simplified main questline offered by the NPC Alustin, you can talk to the Black Spirit to receive the “Normal Season Pass” rewards after completing the required quests. (Learn more about the simplified main questline below at [3. Available in the 2021 Season+!])

Upon Completion of a Simplified Quest Offered by the NPC Alustin

Automatically Complete the Season Pass Challenges Below!

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 2

Joy of Growing Stronger

Practice Like You Mean It

Be Prepared!

I'll Do It My Way

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 3

Honestly and Appropriately

I Make the Decisions

You? You're Too Easy

Fly to the Sky

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 4

Battlefield Attendance!

The Scent of Prey!

[Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 5

A Hero in Troubled Times!

Look For Those In Need!

In Your Name!

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 6

See You Again Someday

Evil's Descent? Not On My Watch

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 7

With Burning Passion

The Choice is Mine

Don't Get Ahead of Yourself!

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 8

For A Satisfying Conclusion

Race Towards the End



3) Season Exclusive Tuvala Gear

Tuvala Gear is a special kind of equipment that can only be equipped by season characters. PEN (V) Tuvala Gear is similar in stats to TET (IV) Boss Gear. There are two main ways to obtain Tuvala Gear.


What’s Required

How to Obtain


Enhance the Naru Gear you obtain from the main questline to PEN (V) enhancement level.

① Go to the NPC Fughar with the PEN (V) Naru Gear

② Exchange the PEN (V) Naru Gear for PRI (I) Tuvala Gear.


Collect Tuvala Ore that is obtainable from defeating monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, Drieghan, and O’dyllita.

① Bring the Tuvala Ore to a Blacksmith in a major town/city.

② Exchange for your desired Tuvala Gear.


In order to enhance the Tuvala Gear, you will need the following enhancement materials: Time-filled Black Stones, Tuvala Ore, and Refined Magical Black Stone. You can obtain these enhancement materials from various sources, which include monster zones, the Season Pass, and more.


Additionally, we’ve increased the success rates of Tuvala Gear and Accessories in Season+ to help our Adventurers progress further! More details are below at [4. What’s Different in the 2021 Season+!].



4) Season Graduation Rewards


Adventurers who have finished their journey in the summer season servers can expect a special reward to prepare them for the normal servers.


The Season+ is a little special as you’ll be able to start graduating in 2 weeks starting September 29!


Before, let us introduce you to the rewards you can receive via the “Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon.”

Special Season Rewards

(Only One is Selectable)

PEN (V) Capotia Earring or

PEN (V) Capotia Ring

Perilla’s Star

PEN (V) Capotia Belt

PEN (V) Capotia Necklace


Of course, if you’ve already claimed the special season reward previously, you are not able to claim them again since the rewards are limited to once per Family.

We know some of our Adventurers who’ve enjoyed all the seasons so far and received all their rewards might be a little sad to hear this, especially since we previously announced during the Summer Season that there won't be a new special reward. However, we’re preparing a little gift for these Adventurers as appreciation for enjoying all four seasons.

Next up is the Boss Gear Exchange, which allows you to exchange PRI (I) - PEN (V) Tuvala Gear for Boss Gear that is one enhancement level lower. For example, if you exchange a PEN (V) Tuvala Armor, you’ll receive a TET (IV) Dim Tree Spirit's Armor!

The Boss Gear exchanged this way is Family bound, and you can enhance it, strengthen it with Caphras Stones, and even craft Fallen God’s Armor with it. However, you cannot list the Boss Gear obtained this way on the Central Market.


And unlike in previous seasons, Season+ allows you to exchange all seven slots of PEN (V) Tuvala Gear for TET (IV) Boss Gear! Check out the details below at [4. What’s Different in the 2021 Season+!].



Available in the 2021 Season+!

  1. ■ Simplified Main Questline (Existing Adventurers)

The “Simplified Main Questline” returns for our existing Adventurers. You can accept the questline from the NPC Alustin if you fulfill the following requirements.

Requirements Needed for Simplified Main Questline

- Playing a Season Character

- Completed “The Sage of Velia” quest

- Completed “[Pet] Bareeds' Junaid” quest (acceptable once you’ve completed the Mediah main questline)

If you fulfill the requirements above, you will be prompted by a questline selection window to select either the original main questline or the simplified main questline. Keep in mind that once you pick a questline, you can’t change your selection!



* The simplified main questline is only available for season characters and can only be completed once per character.

* The simplified main questline can only be selected on a season server.



■ Season Character Transfer System

What if you created your season character as Class A, but now want to enjoy the season with Class B...?


Don’t worry! Because the Season Character Transfer System is accessible in Season+ and allows you to use “Fughar’s Timepiece” to transfer your season character status and Combat/Skill EXP!


Item Name

How to Obtain

Fughar’s Timepiece

Can be obtained once per Family upon completing the [Season+] Fughar's Special Timepiece quest with a season character that is Lv. 25 or higher!

* Adventurers who obtained Fughar’s Timepiece in the previous season are also able to complete the [Season+] Fughar's Special Timepiece quest during Season+.

* Quests that are in progress or completed on Class A will not be transferred to Class B!

* The Class B character that you wish to transfer the season character status to must be Lv. 25 or lower to be transferrable.

* The Class A character must be connected to a normal server with all their gear unequipped.


Once you’ve used Fughar’s Timepiece, you will receive three exchange coupons (Tuvala Main Weapon Exchange Coupon, Tuvala Sub-weapon Exchange Coupon, and Tuvala Awakening Exchange Coupon) in the transferred character’s inventory after you’ve gone to the Character Selection screen. Use these coupons to change your Tuvala weapons to ones that are suitable for Class B!



■ Party Monster Zones

Want to play with your friends or guildmates during Season+?


The Waragon Nest, Basilisk Den, and Shultz Guard monster zones will be party monster zones during Season+!

Monster Zone

Recommended Number of Party Members

Recommended Equipment

Waragon Nest


PRI (I) - DUO (II) Tuvala Gear

Basilisk Den


DUO (II) - TRI (III) Tuvala Gear

Shultz Guard


TRI (III) - TET (IV) Tuvala Gear

* This applies to both normal and season servers. The monster zones will revert to their original state once Season+ ends.



What’s Different in the 2021 Season+

  1. ■ QoL Improvements (Updated September 15)

Found it difficult to manage your Inventory with so many items around?

We’ve made improvements by removing some of the items obtainable in Calpheon and Mediah, and changing some of the loot to be obtainable in an item box form. We’ve also added new loot to the Valencia region to improve the profit rate of monster zones there.

Make sure to check out the