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Get Ready for Season: Dawn of Dragons

Season: Dawn of Dragons Coming July 27
Get yourself ready with this week’s new dragon-themed events!
Defeat the Dragons of Black Desert 
Face Garmoth, Nouver & Black Shadow during the event. 
Defeat Garmoth for 
Dragon Roar Keepsake
Chance to Obtain
Lost Dragon Keepsake
Lost Dragon Seal 
100% Guaranteed from 
Nouver & Black Shadow
Exchange Seals for 
Dragon's Blessing
Lost Dragon Keepsake & Newborn Crimson Dragon
100% Guaranteed from Login Rewards
Claim Special Outfit Items: 
Blood-eyed Visor & Earrings 
1 More Week of Hot Time & Treasure Hunting 
Enjoy the following events for a week longer until July 27! 

1000% Hot Time 


Treasure Hunting 

2022 Summer Event’s New Outfit 
Summer fun is coming to the Black Desert world in August!

Drakania Awakening, Destruction Takes Flight





Ashen wings that can incinerate fear itself. 

Destruction takes flight, igniting the frozen sky.



"The Ynix. 

A flame that can consume even the gods... 

How much of its overflowing power can a mere mortal bear? 

O daughter of mine. 

greed is the source of wrath... 

And that flame which fuels it must be extinguished. 

Only then will the long-lost paradise of dragons return."



A place so unattainable, it may as well not have existed. 

Heeding the deep and somber voice, 

I walked, and I walked, along an endless cliffside path,  

gathering bones upon bones of my fallen kin. 


On this path bereft of color and life, I often wished to hurl myself off its edge, 

soaring triumphantly into the sky, a reminder I yet lived, however... 


"Unfurling your wings means death. 

For that brutal tyrant still reigns the skies." 


Whenever such thoughts came to me, they echoed in a voice not my own,  

an unsought and unchecked edict. 


Fettered wings are nothing more than a blight upon one’s back. 






For so long, Dragons were pinned beneath the tyrant’s claw,

until a voice, steeped in malevolence, called out from that bitter path’s end: 


"Build your paradise upon my body. 

With my death, I will usher in the ruination of the golden mountain." 


A shriek rang out, and a brilliant ray of light, puncturing a small hole, 

like the pupil of an eye, in the barrier that marked this bitter path’s end. 


The aperture dilated, growing brighter as the barrier crumbled away. 

Someone was waiting there, with arms outstretched. 

Was she the one who led us here? 

My heart pounded with excitement... 


"Come, frail Dragon offspring." 


The air was thick with the stench of blood that flowed from her jaws, torn to the ear. 

It was the blood of my dead kin, interwoven with their resentment, their hatred, their tears; 

The same kin I had tirelessly comforted. 

Etched in this torrent of blood were the final memories of my kind. 

Things I’ve never seen, heard, or experienced, but somehow, I was present in them all. 


"I am the seventh witch of Eternal Winter, Erethea." 

"Tell me, how many dragon hearts have been pierced by the power of erasure, 

which could wash away even the fear of the one you claim a tyrant?" 


Her body in tatters, 

and through coughing fits of blood, 

her hoarse voice pealed mirthfully at some unknown joy. 


"Come, tear out my heart and consume it. 

It’s been sweetened with the hatred of countless, fallen Dragons." 


The witch’s laughter reignited the hunger within them. 

No one asked why she chose this death. 

Everyone sought to sate their thirst for vengeance. 


The feast was a blur of teeth and sinew,  

but when I came to my senses, I saw us reflected in her empty eyes. 

In my mouth, I held her still-beating heart. 


"It is done, child. My vengeance... will live on eternally."  


Not a single scream had left her lips, 

as the witch lay lifeless, seemingly mocking us with her grin. 

Was it her defiance that only added to our anger? 

My heart began to race uncontrollably. 


“Take to the skies, by my heart's might. 

Through your eyes shall I witness the golden mount's ruin.”


Now, with my wings no longer bound, 

they slowly unfurl, as I gaze readily toward the edge. 

The winds whirl against my skin, beckoning me beneath the blinding light. 

Frustration, despair, and the faint allure of paradise tickle my nose. 


"Proclaim defiantly, to the incarnation of Labreska, that a new era has dawned. 

With the power of erasure, usher in the ruination of the golden mountain." 


With the whispers of the being, black-winged like us, less one eye, still echoing in my head, 

I stood at the cliff’s precipice with wings spread wide. 


The moment of flight that had flashed countless times in my mind. 

A burning thirst, ignited by the winds of freedom in the dazzling sky. 


"Come. Start your flight of destruction. The lost paradise of the dragons awaits." 

Drakania Awakening Weapon: Trion

Meaning spear in the tongue of dragons, Trion is Drakania’s exclusive weapon, and it takes the form of two spears.  

At first glance, it looks like a normal weapon, but it transforms into a completely different state when wielded by Drakania. 
Thanks to Erethea’s power, Drakania can uniquely switch between “Hexeblood” and “Dragonblood” states.  
Her “Hexeblood” state can be seen as her human form, in which she expertly wields both trion spears to stab and slash her enemies. While in her “dragonblood” state, her combat style is based on a “dragon form.” In this state, the trion in her left hand takes the shape of a dragon’s horn, allowing her to crush enemies or brace herself with its heft.   

You can say that only Drakania can wield the trion. 

💬 Our combat direction for Awakening Drakania was developed around her wielding two spears. We chose this type of weapon as we felt that it would be the best match for her concept and story, giving Adventurer’s feeling of wielding a “dragon’s might.” Her combat style is largely divided into two styles, Hexeblood and Dragonblood. She can switch back and forth between both, and her combat style will differ depending on her state.

In her Hexeblood state, she wields two smaller spears to unleash a barrage of quick and agile attacks. When Drakania was released, we saw some feedback that while her concept was good, her slower speed was disappointing. That’s why we wanted to provide a more agile combat style with her Awakening in sharp contrast with her Succession.  
On the other hand, her Dragonblood state emphasizes her draconic nature in the form of destructive power unlike the speed of her Hexeblood state. In this form, Drakania’s left-hand spear is transformed into a dragon’s massive horn, and her dragon aspect can be seen in her skills.

Differing from our existing classes, we started developing Awakening Drakania after the release of her Succession. As this was a new direction for us and with so many people eagerly waiting for its release, we’re thrilled to be able to present you with this announcement. We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you.  
Drakania Awakening – Primary Skills

Aerial Burst 

Unleash the might of Dragons upon enemies nearby. 

Then drive your trion into their hearts



Channel the winds into your trion’s left spear, 

ascend, then come crashing down to the ground.


Tectonic Slam 

Hexeblood – Combine both spears to channel the winds then charge toward the enemy. 


Tectonic Slam 

Dragonblood – Combine both spears, then unleash the winds forward to push back the enemy. 


Sundering Roar 

Hexeblood – Channel the winds into your trion’s left spear, then unleash them forward. 

Set your right spear aflame, then leave a burning claw mark on the ground.


Sundering Roar 

Dragonblood – Channel the winds into your trion’s left spear, 

then call upon the might of Dragons to unleash an earthshattering roar forward. 

Your destructive Dragon breath decimates all enemies ahead. 



Drakania Awakening will be released on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. 

We will do our best to present you with something amazing.

Thank you for your patience.  


Share How to Get the Most of Hot Time


Not only is there an unprecedented Combat EXP +1,000% & Skill EXP +300% Hot Time, but there’s even a Life EXP +100% * Item Drop Rate +100% Hot Time!
So how do you plan on getting the most of this unprecedented Hot Time event? Share your goals and plans to receive rewards!

How to Get the Most of Hot Time

Event Period
- July 13, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance - July 20, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance
Event Details
① Leave a comment on how you plan on enjoying this Hot Time or what goals you want to accomplish during the event. 
- E.g. [GM] Erethea: I want to use this Life EXP +100% buff to level up my Alchemy!
- E.g. [GM] Nox: I’m trying to get the potion materials!
- E.g. [CM] Endlaive: I will get all the Merchant Ring Pieces!
② Adventurers who leave a comment will receive the following rewards.
Who is Eligible Rewards
Adventurers who leave a comment on how they plan on enjoying this Hot Time or what goals they want to accomplish
- Item Collection Increase Scroll x3
- Secret Book of Florin x3
- Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll x3
* The event rewards will be sent during the maintenance on July 20, 2022 (Wed).

Additional Notices
- Posting comments unrelated to the event or using an inappropriate character/Family name to post may result in the comment being deleted and disqualification from the event.  
- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.  
- Event items may have restrictions (sale/trade) and/or different binding settings/expiration dates. Due to this reason, these items cannot be transferred or restored.  
- For details such as whether the item is bound, please refer to the in-game item description.  
- Items and/or rewards that were used or collected normally cannot be recovered.  
- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods may result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward(s) and/or restriction from the game.  

[Breaking News] Black Desert+ Launches in NAEU!



Adventurers, [GM] Daisy has just gotten news that the Black Desert Online’s official companion app, Black Desert+, is launching in NAEU!

With Pearl Abyss now directly servicing Black Desert Online in NAEU, the Black Desert+ app is ready to be officially released in NAEU as well.


We know you’ve all been waiting!


As long as you have Black Desert+, you can always stay up-to-date and connected with Black Desert Online!




Logging In

Before you can start using Black Desert+, you’ll first need to set it up for the PC version!



First, select PC as your platform, and then NA or EU as your region.


Now, just log in and you’re all done!




On Black Desert Online’s official website, there’s a forum where you can chat and discuss various topics with other Adventurers, and now you can access this forum from the Black Desert+ app as well!  


FAQ & Support

Have any questions about Black Desert Online, or maybe an item has vanished from your inventory...


When you need help, check out our FAQ first, and if it doesn’t have an answer, send an inquiry to our Support!



Coupon Redemption

Let’s say a coupon code is revealed during a live broadcast.


Now you don’t have to log in to the official website, but instead, you can quickly redeem coupons through the Black Desert+ app before the code expires!




Stay updated with the latest Black Desert announcements, including patch notes, events, and notices! Just set up Push Alerts, and you’ll be notified with a Ring-Ring♬ whenever a new announcement is uploaded to the official website.


Do you only want to get alerts for patch notes? Don’t worry, you can set up alerts for the announcements you want!



Guild Chat

Want to keep chatting with your guildmates even when you’re not logged in to Black Desert Online? Maybe there’s an urgent message from the guild master? Or you have a promise and can’t attend the Node War, but still want to know what’s happening...


Just turn on Black Desert+ and chat with your guild!



Not only can you chat with guild members, but you can also see who’s currently logged into Black Desert Online as well.

So, are there any key features for guild chat in Black Desert+?

Yes! It’s the keyword notification, which allows you to designate up to ten keywords. And if any of the keywords are mentioned in your guild chat, you will receive a notification letting you know!


World Boss Alerts

Let's say you have to step outside for a little bit, but you want to make sure you don’t miss Kzarka!


Don’t worry! Just open Black Desert+!



All you have to do is set up alerts from Black Desert+. You can receive alerts 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes before the World Boss spawns. Don’t miss a single World Boss with Black Desert+ today!


Central Market

Adventurers who’ve enjoyed the convenience of the Web Central Market to sell and buy items can now use the Central Market more conveniently than ever with Black Desert+.


Set up an alert for whenever an item is sold! Or an alert when you’ve bought an item you pre-ordered! You’ll now be able to find out right away!




Now you can say goodbye to always having to log in to the website to redeem coupons or access the web Central Market!


Just log in once to Black Desert+ and enjoy all these features in one place!


Upcoming Changes to Blessing of Kamasylve


Greetings, Adventurers.

We want to give you advance notice about the upcoming changes to Blessing of Kamasylve during the update on Wednesday, July 6.


Please refer below for the exact details.


Upcoming Changes

● Blessing of Kamasylve’s “Central Market Warehouse Capacity” effect will be changed from +2,000 VT to +4,000 VT.

- All Blessing of Kamasylve items and active effects will apply the same changed buff after the July 6 maintenance.



We hope you continue to enjoy your adventures in Black Desert.


Greetings from J: In Celebration of Our Global Family



December 17, 2014, marked the day that Adventurers first step foot in the world of Black Desert. 

And on June 23, 2022, we created another milestone together as we proudly welcomed the newest member of our global family. 

To show our thanks to all the Adventurers who made this possible, Jae-hee, the Executive Producer of Black Desert, has written a letter of gratitude. 



We look forward to many more fun adventures in the Black Desert world with our Adventurers. 



[Link to Video]


All Our Worldwide Service Celebration Events in One Place!


We’re thrilled to announce that Pearl Abyss will now be directly servicing all our regions worldwide with the start of our South America service on June 23. To show our appreciation to all our Adventurers for helping us accomplish this milestone, we’ve prepared a variety of events to celebrate!
Worldwide Service Celebration Coupon

Great Adventurer Box


Endless Travels Box


Together As One Box


Redeemable until August 24, 2022 (Wed) 23:59 UTC


Open the boxes to obtain all of the following!

Main Weapon Exchange Coupon x1
Sub-weapon Exchange Coupon x2
Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon x1
Cron Stone x1000
J's Special Box x2
Combat & Skill EXP 530% Scroll x53
Up to 1000% Hot Time
4 weeks of Combat, Skill, Life EXP & Drop Rate Hot Time!
Week 2 (June 29 – July 6) 


Combat EXP



Skill EXP



Life EXP



Item Drop Rate

Week 3 (July 6 – July 13)


Combat EXP



Skill EXP



Life EXP



Item Drop Rate

Week 4 (July 13 – July 20)


Combat EXP



Skill EXP



Life EXP



Item Drop Rate

* The Combat/Skill EXP Hot Time will only be active during peak times,
while the Life EXP & Drop Rate Hot Times will be active during the entire event

Special Login Rewards
Log in to receive a Tier 3 Pet and , Classic & Premium Outfit Sets!
Shudad's Courier Pet
(Tier 3)
Inventory +16
Expansion Coupon
[Event] Classic
Outfit Box 
[Event] Premium
Outfit Box
Weekly Silver Shop Specials!
Don’t miss the new silver shop deals every week! (Once per Family)

[Week 1]
[Event] Today's Fine Steed
Training Box x1

626 Silver



[Week 2]

[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days) x1 

[Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days) x1 

703 Silver


[Week 3]



[Week 4]


Commemorating Our Worldwide Service
Special Interior Furniture Items
Kakuo's 9-part Gift! 
Share your screenshots on the Photo Gallery to receive
Shakatu Boxes and be entered for a chance to win 11,500 Pearls!
11,500 Pearls
[Event] Shakatu's
Luxury Box x1
[Event] Shakatu's
Mystery Box x1
[Event] Shakatu's Shiny Box (Combat) x1
[Event] Shakatu's Shiny Box (Life) x1
4 Weeks of Login Challenges
Complete daily playtime challenges and claim tons of rewards!

60 minutes

[Event] Advice of Safety x2 


120 minutes

[Event] Magical Elixir x1 


180 minutes

[Event] Advice of Immortality/Memory x2 


240 minutes

[Event] Jetina's Golden Seal x3 

Commemorating Our Worldwide Service
Special Headpiece & Earring Outfit Items

Which Class Are You?



Are you an Adventurer who didn’t get to try the Class Personality Test yet? We’ve got good news, because the fun-filled Class Personality Test is back with a new addition – our newest class, Drakania!  


Just answer the questions, and you’ll be given the class that best fits your answers! If you’re having trouble deciding on a class, how about giving this a chance?  


Plus, there’s even a coupon code on the results page as a small gift for finishing the test!  

Coupon Code Item Names
Previous Class Personality Test Coupon 
Redeemable until December 8, 2022 (Thu) @ 23:59
[Event] Advice of Destiny x1 
[Event] Enhancement Help Kit I x1
Complete the New Class Personality Test to Get the Code! 
Redeemable until December 8, 2022 (Thu) @ 23:59 
[Event] Advice of Safety x1 
[Event] Enhancement Help Kit II x1
Three Ways to Redeem Coupons 
1. In-game ESC menu -> Adventurer Support (F11) -> [Use Coupon] 
2. Black Desert official website’s [Coupons] page 
3. Black Desert+ app > Menu > Coupons 
Careful! Incorrectly entering the wrong coupon code 10 times in a row will prevent you from entering coupon codes for 1 hour! 

[GM Notes] Glory Awaits in the Arena of Solare Preseason


Greetings, Adventurers!
Since the start of the Arena of Solare Preseason, we’ve seen new friendships forged and new rivalries sharpened, but most of all, we’re just thrilled to see so many Adventurers enjoying the Arena of Solare.
Yet among our many Adventurers, a couple of true glory seekers have begun to appear. If you want to find out who they are, check out the rankings from all corners of the world below!
* The rankings below are based on the latest rank update (00:00) for each server’s Arena of Solare.  

▲ Want to learn more about the Arena of Solare? Watch this guide! 

Arena of Solare Top 10 Rankings Worldwide


North America Server


Europe Server


Korea Server


Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao Server


Thailand Server


Southeast Asia Server


Turkey/MENA Server


Russian-language Server


Japan Server


For Week 2-4, we’ll be expanding the match availability time in the Arena of Solare to make the arena more accessible for more Adventurers. We hope to meet you on the battlefield!  
Availability Time NA EU
Weekday 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM PDT
6:00 PM - 01:00 AM EDT
15:00 - 22:00 UTC
17:00 - 00:00 CEST
Weekend 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM PDT
3:00 PM - 02:00 AM EDT
12:00 - 23:00 UTC
14:00 - 01:00 CEST
Adventurers, have you had a heart-pounding “moment of glory” in the Arena of Solare? If so, how about sharing your “moment” with your fellow Adventurers by participating in the [Event] Capture Your Moments of Glory in the Arena of Solare!
And if you participate in the event, you’ll receive Marni's Unstable Fuel x100 and [Event] Glory of Solare Box x10!  

BDO Monthly - June 2022



Greetings Adventurers,


The BDO Monthly June issue has just arrived! Grab a copy while it lasts!


This month our adventurers have shared tons of artworks and screenshots of characters, a comic about the Black Spirit and even some Guides! Are you ready? Let's start reading the magazine!


Magazine Cover









June 2022 Issue’s Adventurer of the Month Perks

★ 2,000 Pearls ★

BDO Monthly 30-day Title [Adventurer of the Month]

▲ Preview of the [Adventurer of the Month] Title


July 2022’s Adventurer of the Month!


Who is Eligible?

- Adventurers who post on the Community > Fan Art or Tips & Guides from June 1, 2022 and before the end of June.

- Any Adventurer who posts fan art, screenshots and guides, is eligible to be an Adventurer of the Month”!

- “Adventurers of the Month” will be selected every month, and the total number of selected Adventurers may differ from month to month.


June 2022 Issue’s Adventurer of the Month Perks

- 2,000 pearls

- BDO Monthly 30-day Title [Adventurer of the Month]


Additional Notices

- The [Adventurer of the Month] Title will be sent by in-game mail during a following maintenance. You must open the box sent to you by in-game mail to obtain the title. 

- The in-game mail will expire after 14 days and the box containing the title will expire after 7 days. Please make sure to open it before it expires.

- Your winnings cannot be transferred or ceded to another person. Prizes cannot be exchanged for other products of similar value.

- Screenshots, images, videos and guides that are featured in BDO Monthly may be shared on the official Black Desert website or social media channels.

- If your account is restricted for violating the Terms of Service agreement before you receive the event prizes, you may be disqualified as a winner and have any prizes withdrawn even after being selected as a winner.


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