Get Ready for Season: Dawn of Dragons

Season: Dawn of Dragons Coming July 27
Get yourself ready with this week’s new dragon-themed events!
Defeat the Dragons of Black Desert 
Face Garmoth, Nouver & Black Shadow during the event. 
Defeat Garmoth for 
Dragon Roar Keepsake
Chance to Obtain
Lost Dragon Keepsake
Lost Dragon Seal 
100% Guaranteed from 
Nouver & Black Shadow
Exchange Seals for 
Dragon's Blessing
Lost Dragon Keepsake & Newborn Crimson Dragon
100% Guaranteed from Login Rewards
Claim Special Outfit Items: 
Blood-eyed Visor & Earrings 
1 More Week of Hot Time & Treasure Hunting 
Enjoy the following events for a week longer until July 27! 

1000% Hot Time 


Treasure Hunting 

2022 Summer Event’s New Outfit 
Summer fun is coming to the Black Desert world in August!