Interviews with the Owners of Masterpieces


After the auctions of the Thousand Years Masterpieces at Terrmian Beach came to a close, we reached out to the winning bidders to interview them about purchasing the masterpieces created by Kakuo, theOtter artist, and Parapura, thePapu sculptor.

▲ Kakuo’s Otter-ific Drawings

▲ Parapura’s Purr-fect Sculptures


💬 Take a good look at your masterpiece and then interpret it for us. (For those of you who are art enthusiasts, we'd like to hear your expert critique!)


[Adventurer Jirym]
It's like a cloud of color that catches the eye before falling on an animal that takes shape there. It's always wonderful to see because it gives the impression of having a second painting hidden in the blur of the first.


[Adventurer  Baumschlaeger]
First I thought, one of the GMs, possibly GM Erethea took her children to work, they see some otter and papu stuffed animals at work and got some color-pens to draw something. But then I realized, that the lines were too ... placed, well placed. As if someone decided exactly to put them in that order. The colors also matched if you see some scenes ingame. Some of my guildies said, they see fish in the picture, some say otters cuddling. I think one of the best things about art is when a picture lets you imagine what YOU want to see in it.


[Adventurer Arvuu]

What I liked about all of the statue art pieces, was that they were all references to real life art. The statue I got "Birth of Aphrodite" was a reference to the Birth of Venus painting. The statue itself, while being very simple in design, still conveyed those same emotions of innocence with its posture and facial expressions as the original did. The design with its small inconsistencies and ruggedness in the details adds a feel of playfulness and comedic parody, yet the pedestal it stands on is gold plated and marble. Those together give it this contrary atmosphere that is interesting and thoughtful. As Venus is a goddess of prosperity and victory among other things, maybe the statue will give me the much needed luck in game as well.


[Adventurer Zoda]

It looks like a delicious shellfish.


💬 Let us in on your decorating plans. Where will you put your new masterpiece and why? What are some good companion pieces that will go well with it?
(Please submit a screenshot of your masterpiece and where you installed it! We'd also appreciate any explanations you have about your screenshot as well.)


[Adventurer Jirym]
I decided to put this painting in the entrance of my main residence. The most appropriate room is necessarily the one where I spend the most time. I placed it at the level of the kitchen in front of the tea room. It lets me see him when I'm cooking for guild quests, and in RP he's at the entrance to the residence and in front of visitors when they sit down for tea.


[Adventurer Cheekybun]

I knew I wanted the masterpiece to have its own spot, one that stood out but also wasn’t so out of place that it made no sense so I went to the mansion and moved some things around, placed a proper table for it and decorated around the statue. Couple of candles and tulips on a winter table make the whole thing look rather unique yet fitting in the manor I decorated thus far.

A small papu of liberty, surrounded by light and coziness and of course the little flames that the other statue of liberty would be holding. Adding tulips, the best flower to it and it makes for the perfect spot.


[Adventurer Arvuu]

The statue will be placed inside my manor. I always welcome visitors as I have put a lot of effort into it. My plans are to make a spa-ish area on the smaller wing and that statue will become one of the decorations there. The plan of making that spa has been on my mind for a while now, and when I saw that statue, I immediately knew I needed it there as it would fit very well with the theme. I'm still working out the details on how I want to decorate it overall and testing different items and whether it's even plausible to do with the items available currently ingame. But even if it ends up not being possible at the moment, I have hopes that we will receive more Manor items in the future that would make it all doable.


[Adventurer Zoda]

For now I've been holding on to it in my character's inventory because friends keep asking me to link the item, but I plan on putting it in my Halloween themed house, which is why I bid on the orange and black painting called "Papu".


💬  You can only choose one... regardless of which masterpiece you acquired, are you Team Otter or Team Papu? Let us know the reason behind your alliance.


[Adventurer Nickerl]
Yoooo Team Otter straight, Otters are bussin' fr, Papus can take this L.


[Adventurer Jirym]
 I'm Team Papu, I've discovered them several times all over the Kamasylvia region and find them adorable every time. I meet my papu workers when they go to work, I always do the papu quests first on Papua Loutrena, and I meet barter agents papu more often on the beaches. Their presence in the game marked me much more than the otters.


[Adventurer Arvuu]

I chose Team Papu because I love the Kamasylvian aesthetic. The design and style are more to my liking over the otters.


[Adventurer Zoda]

Papu is my alliance because I like beating people with sticks. I am a greatsword Warrior main for a reason.


💬  Would you like to leave any comments for the artist of your masterpiece? (i.e. to either Kakuo or Parapura)


[Adventurer Graypolar]
Good work from Parapura, one can only imagine the mastermind behind this fantastic artwork. It's out of this world, brilliant work. Silver well spent!
If I may add another comment regarding this type of "auction" event:
I really like this kind of stuff, I would love to see more auctions held ingame selling maybe super rare exciting stuff, or also more common things. It could be a fun type of content provided by the game 😄 I'm kind of sad I missed those old auctions held for the black pegasus that was sold (and maybe other auctions? I had a longer bdo break at that time). Since I'm back, I dont think I've seen a single auction in bdo. I can see it being hard making special unique items - but maybe one every year or so shouldnt be to hard, no? 😄 Well, thats just my kind of liking in bdo.


[Adventurer Rosinake]
To Parapura: Not many can become famous for their art during their own lifetime. I think Parapuras talent speaks for itself, anyone would be lucky to own or even be able to witness one of their works!


A big thank you to everyone who enjoyed the event, and special thanks to the Adventurers who joined us for interviews!


Although the first auction has come to an end, the remaining two auctions are still to come. If you want to be an owner of such magnificent masterpieces, make sure to check out the auctions in the Black Desert world!


And before we go, here’s a list of all the Adventurers worldwide who won auctions in their own region!



Lot. 1

Supper of the 13th Moon


Region Winning Bidder Price
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau 戰車醬 25,000,000,000
Japan よるみ 15,000,000,000
Russian-language Regions Kurosaki28 14,000,000,000
South Korea 토레타가먹고싶은 13,570,000,000
North America ShowMeUrLootBox  13,013,013,013
South America LordsdeCintra  9,900,000,000
Europe Baumschlaeger 8,100,000,000
Thailand Maximas 7,070,000,000
Turkey & MENA Tempeşt 6,000,000,000
Southeast Asia VeGGiE 5,969,696,969

Lot. 2

Thinking Portrait

Region Winning Bidder Price
Russian-language Regions Tornasuku 24,000,000,000
Europe Jirym 22,500,000,000
South Korea Acupler 22,000,000,000
Thailand FireRoseTH 19,610,000,000
Japan 新之 19,000,000,000
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau 田野 15,111,111,111
North America SriLanky 13,570,305,531
South America Flawless 9,200,000,000
Southeast Asia Adol 5,100,000,000
Turkey & MENA Tempeşt 3,000,000,000
Lot. 3
Touched by the Root Nymph
Region Winning Bidder Price
Russian-language Regions F1amme 15,000,000,000
Japan ブルーライダー 14,000,000,000
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau YAMYME 13,200,000,000
North America Tia 13,000,000,000
South Korea 장미 12,300,000,000
South America Odore 12,000,000,000
Europe Nickerl 9,550,000,000
Southeast Asia LeonClan 6,000,000,000
Thailand Korz 5,300,000,000
Turkey & MENA Tempeşt 4,500,000,000
Lot. 4

Region Winning Bidder Price
Japan のりよし 89,835,481,052
North America Zoda 29,552,948,827
South Korea Nunu 19,000,000,000
Russian-language Regions ПарагонАврелиан 14,000,000,000
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau Orisinal 13,333,333,333
South America Yokura 9,500,000,000
Europe THD 7,600,000,000
Southeast Asia VeGGiE 5,696,969,696
Thailand Valeriano 5,000,000,000
Turkey & MENA Tempeşt 4,000,000,000
Lot. 5
Blue-eyed Invaders

Region Winning Bidder Price
Russian-language Regions Мишка22 42,000,000,000
Japan 毒笹子 34,000,000,000
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau 墨雨靈晞 20,000,000,000
North America Divios 17,777,777,778
South Korea 모해요 17,000,000,000
Europe Chuttbeeks 16,000,000,000
Thailand Forbbindelive 11,111,111,111
Southeast Asia VeGGiE 9,696,969,696
South America Odore 9,100,000,000
Turkey & MENA Tempeşt 3,000,000,000
Lot. 6
Sea of Sun and Moon

Region Winning Bidder Price
South Korea 장미 15,200,000,000
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau 洒夏 15,000,000,000
Japan トリニティナイツ 14,200,000,000
North America Wednesdae 13,000,000,000
Russian-language Regions Чудесная 12,222,222,222
Europe Anders 9,000,000,000
South America Offin 6,000,000,000
Southeast Asia VeGGiE 5,696,969,696
Thailand Royalprincess 5,555,555,555
Turkey & MENA Tempeşt 4,000,000,000
Lot. 7
Region Winning Bidder Price
North America Momekito 40,000,000,000
Russian-language Regions Tornasuku 20,000,000,000
South Korea 안다리엘 17,564,565,311
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau lemondream 14,444,442,421
Japan 芸ら主 12,345,678,900
Europe Adzy 11,111,111,112
Thailand Xerfina 9,555,555,555
Southeast Asia Qalli 8,226,446,027
South America Cavaludos 6,000,000,000
Turkey & MENA Tempeşt 4,000,000,000
Lot. 8
Papu Thinker

Region Winning Bidder Price
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau 張君雅小妹妹 41,000,000,000
North America Sir_Potter 20,500,000,000
South Korea 캐릭명 20,000,000,000
Russian-language Regions Tempname00030854 15,641,238,916
Europe Graypolar 8,888,888,888
Japan GABBANA 7,777,777,777
Thailand Crystalsong 5,600,000,000
South America McFly 4,500,000,000
Turkey & MENA Tempeşt 4,000,000,000
Southeast Asia Vangolia 3,959,917,731
Lot. 9

Region Winning Bidder Price
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau 雷德爾 35,000,000,000
North America SilverKaze 20,000,000,000
South Korea 보름 14,000,000,000
Russian-language Regions Kurosaki28 11,111,111,111
Europe IcedKnight 10,400,000,000
Japan もびん 7,777,777,777
South America Brunz 5,000,000,000
Thailand ป้าๆกะเพราจาน 4,799,578,563
Southeast Asia Meomi 4,500,000,000
Turkey & MENA Tempeşt 3,000,000,000
Lot. 10
Papu of Liberty

Region Winning Bidder Price
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau 雷德爾 35,000,000,000
North America Appix 21,000,000,000
South Korea 보름 16,000,100,000
Russian-language Regions Kurosaki28 10,000,000,000
Japan ホロプロ 8,888,888,888
Europe Cheekybun 8,000,000,000
South America Enemy 7,100,000,000
Thailand FBERNZ 6,666,666,666
Turkey & MENA Tempeşt 5,000,000,000
Southeast Asia Vangolia 4,000,000,000
Lot. 11
The Birth of Paphrodite
Region Winning Bidder Price
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau 雷德爾 60,000,000,000
North America Arvuu 20,000,000,000
Japan MrBananaJ 14,000,000,000
South Korea 장미 13,500,000,000
Russian-language Regions CLEKKTOR 11,042,661,000
Europe Rosinake 9,200,000,000
South America Kingsglaive 8,600,000,000
Southeast Asia Polum 6,200,000,000
Thailand Zodiarts 5,800,000,000
Turkey & MENA Tempeşt 3,000,000,000

Lot. 12

The Creation of Papu

Region Winning Bidder Price
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau 張君雅小妹妹 51,000,000,000
Russian-language Regions Tornasuku 25,000,000,000
North America MobilWhiskey 21,500,000,000
South Korea 망뀨리 16,000,000,000
South America TaForgus 15,000,000,000
Thailand FleursDevil 11,000,000,000
Japan てーと 10,616,939,128
Europe Gorfaroth 9,999,999,999
Southeast Asia Benzene 5,000,000,000
Turkey & MENA Tempeşt 3,000,000,000