Upcoming Changes to Fairy

Greetings, Adventurers.  
We want to give you advance notice about the upcoming changes to certain Pearl Items during the August 17 update.

Upcoming Changes

● With the addition of new skills that can be acquired by ‘Radiant’ fairies, the probability of acquiring skills when using Theiah’s Orb has been adjusted.  
- The probability of obtaining Fairy Skills while using Theiah’s Orbs has only changed for Radiant fairies.  
Faint, Glimmering, and Brilliant Fairies have the same probability as before.  
- The probability of learning skills through the “Theiah’s Orbs” item varies depending on the current skills your fairy has, and the full probability of learning a skill can be found in the ‘Change Skill’ menu.  
Please refer to the “Dev Commentary: Upcoming Updates” notice for more news about what is coming to Black Desert, including the new Fairy Skills.  
Thank You