Training Mastery System

  • Along with the addition of the Training Mastery, the Training content was revamped.
    • The higher the Training level or Mastery, the higher the chance will be to obtain a better horse through breeding or through growth of your mounts.
    • Even if the Training level is low, you can increase the efficiency of Training by equipping gear which increases Mastery.
    • If you equip Mastery gear while your Training level is high, then your Training efficiency will be even better.
    • You can receive the following effects by increasing your Training level or Training Mastery. This means that you can nurture your mount more efficiently and quickly than before, and as a result can expect to gain a greater profit through Imperial Delivery or through selling at the Horse Market.
      • Increased chance of successfully capturing wild horses.
      • Increased amount of EXP obtained for mounts.
      • Increased chance of obtaining a higher tier horse when breeding or exchanging. (This is affected by the Mastery at the point at which you breed, not at the point at which you receive the foal.)
      • Increased chance of mount obtaining a skill when the mount levels up.
    • The Training section within the Life skill tab in My Information (P) was changed due to the introduction of the Training Mastery.


  • The new tool, "Riding Crop" was added.
    • The Riding Crop has effects such as increasing Training Mastery, and also increasing the automatic movement speed and maximum speed of horses.


Item Name

Item Effect

Loggia's Riding Crop

Auto-run maximum speed +15%/maximum Speed +5%

The Riding Crop's increased speed effect works only when the durability is 100 or higher.

Also, the effects are only applicable to horses. These effects do not apply to horses attached to wagons.

  • The effects do not apply to the horse's skills.
  • When you enhance the Riding Crop item, the Training Mastery increases.
  • The riding crop can be used by equipping it to the tool slot in your equipment window.

Loggia's Riding Crop can be purchased from Loggia and Zaaira.