Permanent Potions: Ornette's Spirit Essence and Odore's Spirit Essence

Permanent Potions: Ornette's Spirit Essence and Odore's Spirit Essence


Ornette's Spirit Essence

Permanent HP potion


– HP +275 Recovery

– Duration: Instant

– Cooldown: 2 sec

– There is a 45% recovery bonus if it is used when a character is immobile

Odore's Spirit Essence

Permanent MP/WP/SP Potion


– MP, WP, SP +325 Recovery

– Duration: Instant

– Cooldown: 6 sec

How to get Permanent Potions? 


  • First, collect relics that can be looted from defeating monsters in certain regions:

Region in Drieghan


Sherekhan Necropolis

Sherekhan's Panacea

Blood Wolf Settlement

Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak

Tshira Ruins

Markthanan's Gland

Region in Kamasylvia


Tooth Fairy Forest

Ron's Tintinnabulum

Navarn Steppe

Valtarra's Clairvoyance

Manshaum Forest

Narc's Crimson Tear

  • You can obtain Valtarra's Clairvoyance by defeating and tanning Ferrica, Ferrina, Belladonna Elephant, or Baby Belladonna Elephant of Navarn Steppe. Other relics can be obtained by defeating monsters.
    • The listed items will not disappear even after being used.

  • Second, visit NPC Merindora, the eldest Spirit of Kamasylvia, to gain knowledge on the spirit essences that will lead you to obtain the following relics that need to be prepared additionally:

    • Musical Spirit's Sound Stone

    • Gayak's Courage Stone

    • Night Crow's Dawn Stone

    • Krogdalo's Protection Stone

  • Third, once you have all necessary relics in place, arrange-and-combine them in certain order in your Inventory (I) to get your exclusive spirit essences.