Investement Bank

Investement Bank Requirements

At first, you will not see the investment banks inside Calpheon. To unlock the Investment Banks inside Calpheon (or any major city, I just focus on Calpheon because it has larger investment options) you must channel your inner interior designer. Call you friends for help if you don't quite have the touch, or just buy chandeliers, lots and lots of chandeliers. "For every house that you can turn into a living house there is a ranking. The more cool furniture (decor points) you have, the higher you are in that rank. If you reach top 1 spot in this particular house - investment banks will be open." [email protected] (Quoted from a comment on this post: ) For this, I recommend you find a house in town with a low Top Rank. Calculate how many Interior Points you can achieve (or buy a residence near the bank and cram all your stuff inside). Can you reach the top of any house with your current points? Awesome, go get that top spot!


The lowest tier Investment Bank is Lasquean Ljurik Investment Bank. To start investing, you need to have 1,000,000 worth of Gold Ingot 1G's in the Calpheon Storage (Gold Ingot 1G x 10 - NOT Gold Ingot 10G).

You will also need a worker in the same city. Work Speed is the only factor that affects investment banking. For this reason Goblins are best choice, as they have the highest work speed. This will just reduce the amount of time it takes to complete an investment.

When you have Gold Ingot's in your storage and a Worker ready to go just hit the node and start working.

After some time you'll have your first return or loss.

You can check on every Investement Bank if it safe to invest.

Currently there is two types of Investement Banks:

  1. high interest with a short-term deposit, but may lead to a loss of capital.
  2. low interest with a long-term deposit, but capital is guaranteed to be secure.

Some data research on a risky bank: