DEVE'S Item Encyclopedia


1. 7 different types of Ore (Iron,silver,gold,etc.)

Iron Ore Silver Ore Titanium Ore Tin Ore
Copper Ore Gold Ore Vanadium Ore Zinc Ore
Lead Ore Noc Ore Platinum Ore  

2. 4 types of Coins (Goldmont coin-SMH loot, ancient iron silver bronze coins,etc) Lots of ways to get coins in game including quests around Heidel. Get the ancient coins from pirates if you have too.

[Event] Coins* Goldmont Pirate Golden Coin Ancient Silver Coin
Ancient Bronze Coin Ancient Gold Coin Ancient Iron Coin

* Any type of coin that you have earned from events (Name must contain a word “Coin”)

3. 5 types of gold bars (1G,10G,100G,1000G,10,000G) So 10,000G is near impossible for most so you can also use a golden ingot (can buy off of MP)

All types of Gold Bar Platinum Ingot Gold Ingot

4. 10 Types of flowers ( rose, sunflower, blue flower, etc) So some of the flowers have grades (high quality etc) 

Sunflower High-Quality Sunflower Special Sunflower Saffron
Flax Cotton Tulip Rose
Audria Vedelona Purple Pink Flower Yellow Flower
Sky Blue Flower Violet Flower Blue Flower Fire Flake Flower



Note: You cannot use pearl furniture!

1. 7 types of chair: Towns have furniture vendors such as Sealus from Velia. You can buy the 750 silver Velia chair and turn it in. You cannot however just buy the green item that says “Chair” You must buy the chair unique to each town and turn that in.

All Handcrafted Chairs All Amity Chairs
Note - "Chair" (from furniture NPC) is not counted

2. 3 types of chandeliers: Have to turn in 3 different chandeliers. You can buy them from Annabella Belucci in Calpheon.

3. 3 types of beds: You can buy different beds from the MP. If none is available from the MP gain 1k amity with the furniture vendors will open up the amity shop where you should be able to buy the beds from. 

All Handcrafted Beds All Amity Beds

3 types of stuffed animal heads: (Manos lifeskilling patch needed).

Need to craft blue grade (artisan) grade stuffed heads.

Need a certain leather drop from the mobs and use them to make the heads.

Will need one green grade stuffed head, one fire horn, damaged leather, L(Craft)



1.    3 types of coral: Only takes base corals it seems like (golden coral, red coral and not twilight red coral) 

Blue Coral White Coral Green Coral Red Coral Golden Coral

7 types of items meant for underwater usage: So you need 7 different items meant for underwater.This includes breathing + elixirs, vadabin diving mask (quest reward from a Port Ratt quest) 

[Party] Agile Seal Elixir [Party] Elixir of Seal Elixir of Seal Agile Elixir of Seal
Vadabin Diving Mask Fogan Webfoot Naga Webfoot Desert Naga's Webfoot (?)

3 types of fishing rods: Turn in 3 types of fishing rods. Either craft or buy from MP.

All types of fishing rods
Note : Enhanced fishing rods are NOT counted

3 types of keys: Turn in 3 types of keys. You can use quest keys (?) Try any quest item that has the word key in it. 

Bronze Key (Glish Daily) Silver Key Gold Key


1.  5 types of items that can be used to catch thieves: You can craft traps (siege weapon workshops in towns) and buy rope from stable manager. You cannot use guild traps to complete quest. 

Stun Trap Flame Trap Venom Trap Ankle Trap Rope

2.   3 types of items for your appearance: You will most likely need to craft Loria’s handcraft mirror. The other 2 items are easily gatherable. 


Loria's Hand Mirror (Florin 1-3) Silky Honey Grass Fogan Skin Oil (Glish Trade Manager [Larc])

3.  2 types of items to confess your love:  3 easily gatherable items. You can find the none trade items on MP. 

Perfume of Courage Rose Love Potion No. 6 (Olvia Trade Manager [Lolly])

4.  5 types of items to soothe your loneliness: Just different types of alcohol.

Beer Cold Draft Beer Fruit Wine Palm Date Wine Honey Wine

5.  7 types of items to restore energy: You can use energy pots and hercules gear. 

All types of Energy Potion All types of Hercules' Might gears



Note: You gain 1 ap as a reward from this journal.

1.  4 types of items related to ogres: The 4 items are the only available ones to complete this portion so you have to get them. No alternatives. 

Ogre Ring (base one) Ogre Blood Ogre Excrement (Western Guard Camp Trader Manager [Luke]) Soiled Ogre Ring
(NOT Shattered Necklace)

2.  2 types of items related to amnesia: Only 2 items. 

Memory Fragment Trace of Memory

3.  5 types of the hottest items in the world: You can use any item with the word “Sun” in their name.

Fruit of the Sun Essence of the Sun Golden Sun Coral Magic Crystal of the Sun - Precision
Magic Crystal of the Sun - Assault Magic Crystal of the Sun - Valor Magic Crystal of the Sun - Sturdiness Magic Crystal of the Sun - Boulder

5 types of items that allow you to know the future: Any item with the name “Fortune Teller”

Fortune Teller Mushroom Big Fortune Teller Mushroom High-Quality Fortune Teller Mushroom Special Fortune Teller Mushroom
Fortune Teller Mushroom Hypha High-Quality Fortune Teller Mushroom Hypha Special Fortune Teller Mushroom Hypha  

3 types of beautiful items made from dirt: You will need to invest into a ceramics workshop. There is one in Glish. Trade items from Ratt and Valencia work too

All types of crafted items in Ceramic Workshop (Glish 2) Trade items from Ratt and Valencia


1.   5 different types of items to help find your initial intentions: You can use any items with the word “Pure” in them such as pure liquid reagent or pure crystals.

All types of items containing "Pure" in their name

2.  1 type of item that makes you look rich: Only 1 type of item you can use. You can either buy or craft them.

All types of "Calpheon Noble Dress"

2 types of items to seek redemption from that barren feeling: 2 items only. 

Aal's Tear
(Any Material Vendor)

Tear of the Great Ocean

4.  1 type of items that promise eternal friendship: Only 2 items again.

Seal of Promise (Calpheon daily) Token of Friendship

5 types of items that Deve likes: You need to use the NPC dating system and click gift in order to see the items you need to give to Deve.

Lucky Sharp Tanning Knife Honey Wine Soaring Wings Elixir Flare Transparent Empty Bottle



- VOL V gives 1 AP (Sheet)

- Crowns that fit into pearl outfit slot



Gives desert fox pet