Cox Pirates' Ghost

Added the summon scroll to summon the Cox Pirates' Ghost

Cox Pirates' Shadow Ghost you encounter in various areas have a low chance to drop Summon Scroll Pieces.

Combine 5 Summon Scroll Pieces to craft a Summon Scroll.

The news of the grand opening of the Dancing Merlin tavern has reached the Cox Pirates and they have infiltrated into various islands waiting for a chance to plunder the place.

Look out for Cox Pirates Flags and the Drunk Sniper hiding somewhere in the barracks.

  • Rumor has it that many sailors witnessed some suspicious cargo ships floating around.

 Destroying these will give you a low change to receive strange items. However, no one knows what these are, yet.

 Destroying these cargo ships will decrease your Karma.

  • The Cox Pirates' Shadow Ghost has risen from the wrecks of their ships.

The Cox Pirates' Shadow Ghost will appear when they see you on your ship, but will not attack first.

Once you commence the attack, your character on your ship will be its primary target.

Once you defeat it, you will be able to summon its boss, the Cox Pirates' Ghost. Defeat the Cox Pirates' Ghost to acquire the summon scroll pieces specifically used to summon Khan, the Eye of the Ocean.

 ● According to the people of Oquilla's Eye, you can run into Lopters at the Ross Sea.

Successfully defeat Lopters to receive an unknown item.

You can use this unknown item to start a quest.