Bartali Adventure Log 11-15

Bartali Adventure Log 11

11-1 Craft a Potato Crate. 

Gather some potato from Velia nodes (Loggia Farm, Bartali Farm or Finto Farm) using workers, rent Crop Factory in Heidel and make Potato Crate there.
Reward: +2LT

11-2 Connect Velia to Sand Grain Bazaar via nodes.

Reward: Max HP +2

11-3 Drink some muddy water gained from the sand.

You can buy muddy water from Central Market and drink it.
Reward: Max Stamina +5

11-4 Eat a Special Valencian meal

You can buy it from Central Market and eat it.
Reward: Max HP +3

11-5 Use a training scarecrow in any city.

You need to purchase Book of Training - Skill or Book of Training - Combat from vendor near scarecrows and use it, then you can use scarecrow.
Reward: Max HP +2

Bartali Adventure Log 12

12-1 Defeat Kutum and acquire loot.
Reward: All AP +1

12-2 Assemble an Adventurers Compass.

You'll need 5x Part for Explorer's Compass. Place then in shape of X and click +.
Reward: Max Stamina +5

12-3 Use a Desert Tent in the desert.

Buy a Desert Tent Tool from Stable Keeper in Sand Grain Bazaar and use it in the desert.

Reward: All DP +1

12-4 Ride a camel in the desert.

There are 3 ways to obtain a camel mount:

  • Quest Reward
  • Imperial Seals
  • Central Market

Quest Reward

The quest takes only a few minutes to complete. The only requirement for this quest is that you must be level 54+. Go to the stable master “Bochlo” in Sand Grain Bazaar in Valencia and pick up the quest Your Best Friend in Desert.  You must gain 3 pieces of knowledge by talking to NPCs around Sand Grain Bazaar. The quest is straightforward but can only be completed once. As a reward, you will be given a Light Brown Camel Voucher which can be registered at the Stable Master.

Imperial Seals

You will need a level 26+ horse of any tier. You can then exchange this horse for Imperial Taming Seals at any Stable Master. The amount of Seals you get for your horse depends on the tier. For example, a tier 3 horse will give you 3 Seals. 5 Imperial Taming Seals can be traded for a Camel mount at a Stable Master in any town in Valencia.

Central Market

You just buy it from Central Market and use at Sand Grain Bazaar stablekeeper.


Reward: All Evasion +1

Bartali Adventure Log 13

13-1 Defeat a Cadry Commander

13-2 Defeat the Shadow of Gahaz

13-3 Defeat a Cadry Gatekeeper.

13-4 I have no idea sorry. It talks of meeting a leader, perhaps Shakatu?

13-5 Catch a certain fish. Cannot translate the name.

13-6 Obtain a miniature elephant

Bartali Adventure Log 14

14-1 Talk to the merchant in Aakman Ruins.

14-2 Defeat Nouver and obtain loot.

14-3 Obtain knowledge of all nodes in the desert.

14-4 Obtain knowledge of all traders (or NPCs) in Valencia City

Bartali Adventure Log 15

15-1 Hunt a Giant Lion and butcher it for meat. (In the palm forest)

15-2 Complete the Palm Tree Boy questline

15-3 Gain knowledge of the Ancient Artifacts in the Valencia Castle Ruins.

15-4 Find Igor Bartali's ponies in the Valencia Castle Ruins? I can't translate that any other way. The text talks of Igor going to retire after this final task.