The Early End of the Summer Season and Coming of Hashashin

27 July 2020

Greetings Adventurers!


We want to thank everyone for the amazing love and interest you’ve shown for the season servers of Black Desert. While many Adventurers have been playing the season servers after the start of the Summer Season, we’ve also received a lot of questions about when the upcoming new class “Hand of Aal, Hashashin” will be released and requests to release him quickly.   

We’ve always sought ways to not only quickly introduce new classes to our Adventurers, but also help them grow their characters. That’s why we feel our Adventurers will have more fun if they were able to level and grow the new classes on the season servers.


Of course, it will be difficult for us to release a new class at the start of each new season, but if it is possible, we want to go in a direction where we can aid our Adventurers’ growth as much as we can.  


For the reasons above, the end date of the Summer Season will be moved ahead of the originally announced date to an earlier date of the August 26th (Wed) maintenance.  


We understand that some Adventurers who are currently playing on the season servers may feel pressured to grow their character as a result of the earlier end date. To help these Adventurers out, we are preparing events where you can obtain a variety of necessary items to grow your character during the Summer Season. In addition, if you’re an Adventurer who feels their time in the season servers is sufficient, you’ll be able to graduate early from the summer season after the maintenance on August 5th (Wed).   


For more details regarding the early graduation including the benefits and rewards, please check out the early graduation announcement <Here>.


As for the details regarding the schedule, please refer below.


Summer Season Schedule


August 5 (Wed) after maintenance

- Start of Early Graduation Period


August 26 (Wed) after maintenance

- End of Summer Season

- End of [Event] Black Spirit Pass Sale, Season Pass, and Black Spirit Pass Challenge

- Start of Pre-Creation for the New Class Hashashin and Season Characters


September 2 (Wed) after maintenance

- Start of New Season

- New Class Hashashin Update



We hope you’ll continue to have a fulfilling adventure on the season servers. Please stay tuned for the Hand of Aal, Hashashin!

Thank you.


[Updated July 29]

  • Along with the change to the Summer Season schedule, there will also be an event where you can get the item rewards of the daily Season Challenges from August 20 to August 26.