Nova Combat and Skills

22 December 2020



Nova, the last star of the kingdom of Calpheon, embracing the darkness of the distorted goddess.

The cold star will rise again at the kingdom of Calpheon.


Nova is the last of the royal lineage, forgotten in history when the republic was formed.

As master of the elite Thornwood Guard, she returns embracing the darkness within the Divine Tree Quturan to reclaim the kingdom.



Nova Combat Video





Nova Combat Style


Nova wields the Quoratum imbued with the power of the distorted goddess and the Morning Star. She is a sturdy close to mid-range fighter and can extend the length of her Morning Star at will.

She defends herself with her Quoratum while commanding her thornwood guard to charge and attack. The thornwood guards protect her when she is in a defensive stance, which in turn enhances the defensive power of her Quoratum.

Nova can also eliminate enemies herself with the chilling powers of the Morning Star, pulling them towards her to overwhelm them.

Beware the thorns hidden behind the glaring starlight.



Nova Main Skills


Bitter Reign

Strike out your Morning Star in front of you to hit your foe's body, then strike down hard.

Frost formed at the impact point of the Morning Star will trip enemies.


Icy Thorns

Strike the enemy upwards with your Morning Star, then pierce them with sharp thorns of ice.


Command: Passed Pawn

Summons the soldiers contained within the Quoratum.

Kanat as cavalry, Luka as shield bearers, Vishur as spearmen, Pau as infantry are summoned to join Nova in defeating the enemy.


Command: Blooming Icy Thorns

Blooms icy thorns in front of you with the aura of the Quoratum.


Icy Prison

Freeze the enemy with the Morning Star. If your soldiers are summoned, command them to strike the enemy.