22.01.2020 — 05.02.2020

Wacky Toshi’s Request


Period: January 22 (after maintenance)–February 5 (before maintenance)


Wacky Toshi, Marni's top assistant, needs to show the results of his research in the thesis he is writing to graduate from Calpheon College. He says he needs even more samples than before to complete his research. Bring him lots of Marni’s Stones for him to use as samples and get rewards in return!


1. Please check the list of Marni’s Stone research Wacky Toshi needs.



Marni’s Stone

Required Number of Monsters Defeated


*[Event] Marni's Stone (Kratuga Ancient Ruins) II



Marni's Stone (Bashim) II

Marni's Stone (Cadry) II

Marni's Stone (Desert Naga) II

Marni's Stone (Desert Fogan) II

Marni's Stone (Gahaz Bandits) II

Marni's Stone (Crescent Shrine) II

Marni's Stone (Basilisk) II

Marni's Stone (Centaurus) II

Marni's Stone (Roud Sulfur Mine) II

Marni's Stone (Pila Ku) II

Marni's Stone (Stone Waragon) II

*[Event] Marni's Stone (Aakman Temple) II

*[Event] Marni's Stone (Hystria) II

500 each


Marni's Stone (Navarn Steppe) II

Marni's Stone (Manshaum) II

Marni's Stone (Forest Ronaros) II

Marni's Stone (Fadus Habitat) II

Marni's Stone (Polly's Forest) II

500 each


Marni's Stone (Kagtum)

Marni's Stone (Sherekhan Necropolis - Day)

Marni's Stone (Sherekhan Necropolis - Night)

Marni's Stone (Tshira Ruins)





Underwater Ruins

Marni's Stone (Protty Cave) II

Marni's Stone (Sycraia) II

500 each


*Please note the event Marni’s Stones (Kratuga Ancient Ruins, Aakman Temple, and Hystria) will be removed when the event period ends.


Marni’s Stone


- You should be able to purchase or exchange Marni’s Stones through Wacky Toshi located in various regions.

- Marni’s Stones can be used from Lv. 57. Please note that after Lv. 62, you will get significantly less Combat EXP from exchanging these stones.

- Only the samples of the monsters you hit last will be collected and stacked on the relevant Marni’s Stone.


2. Select one of the Marni’s Stones from the above table.

  • Please note you cannot accept or complete quests with Marni’s Stones that are not listed above.

3. When you talk to Wacky Toshi with a relevant Marni’s Stone in possession, you will be able to receive the corresponding quest.




[Event] Wacky Toshi’s Seal

You can easily find the location of Wacky Toshi by clicking on the ‘Find NPC’ button in the upper right corner of the game screen.


4. Defeat the target monsters for the Marni’s Stone you have and collect their samples.

5. Hand over 5 Marni's Stones filled with samples to Wacky Toshi to obtain 5 [Event] Wacky Toshi’s Seals.

  • You must hand over 5 of the same Marni’s Stones to complete the quests.
  • You can also obtain combat EXP for handing in the Marni’s Stones.

6. Collect Wacky Toshi’s Seals and exchange them for the items below.

 Number of Wacky Toshi’s Seals Needed 

Exchange for


Cron Stone x1


Advice of Valks (+20)


Advice of Valks (+30)


[Event] Advice of Destiny


Advice of Valks (+40)


 Choose between Advice of Valks (+50) or Advice of Valks (40~60) 



Event Notice

  • [Event] Toshi's Request quests can be claimed and progressed once per family per day.
  • You can select and accept only one quest at a time. If you forfeit the quest, you will be able to accept other quests.
  • Only Wacky Toshi's event quests relevant to the Marni's Stone you hold can be claimed.
    • For example, if you have a Marni's Stone (Desert Naga) II or a Marni's Stone (Basilisk) II, you can only accept the quest ‘[Event] Toshi's Request (Desert Naga) II’ or ‘[Event] Toshi's Request (Basilisk) II’.
  • You must have the [Event] Toshi's Request quests accepted before turning in your completed Marni's Stones to have the quest requirement completed.
  • The event quests and event Marni’s Stones will be removed when the event ends.
  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of participating in the event may result in restriction of your account.
  • Event period and specs. may change with future notice.