05.02.2020 — 26.02.2020

Valentine's Day Events: Event 1: Chocolate Fun

Period: February 5 (after maintenance)–February 26 (before maintenance)

Enjoy Valentine's Day themed chocolatey fun and romantic events!


  • During this romantic period, get ahold of the item "[Event] Cacao" and process it to eventually get "[Event] Cacao Chocolate." 
Item Details

[Event] Cacao

  • How to Obtain
    • Obtain at a certain chance via defeating monsters or gathering.
      • Fishing, gathering via water scooping (e.g. with an Empty bottle), shoveling sand (e.g. with a Shabby Shovel), or milking cows will not count towards this event.

[Simple Cooking] Cacao Powder

  • How to Obtain
    • Use Grinding in the Processing window (L) on [Event] Cacao to get [Simple Cooking] Cacao Powder.

[Event] Cacao Chocolate

  • How to Obtain
    • Use Simple Cooking in the Processing window (L) to combine [Simple Cooking] Cacao Powder x10, Mineral Water x2, and Sugar x1 into [Event] Cacao Chocolate.
      • Mineral Water and Sugar can be purchased from inns or cooking NPCs in towns.
  • Effect
    • Chance to Gain Knowledge +7%
    • Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +3%
    • Increase Strength EXP when used
  • Duration
    • 30 min
  • Cooldown
    • 30 min