30.10.2019 — 13.11.2019

Sail and Prevail

30 October 2019 10:00


Get 5 Times the Sailing EXP

Period: October 30 (after maintenance)–November 13 (before maintenance)


During the event period, you will receive 5 times the Sailing EXP for defeating the following monsters:

  • Hungry Hekaru
  • Hungry Ocean Stalker
  • Hekaru
  • Ocean Stalker
  • Candidum
  • Black Rust
  • Nineshark
  • Young Hekaru
  • Young Ocean Stalker
  • Young Candidum
  • Young Black Rust
  • Young Nineshark
  • Goldmont Small Battleship
  • Goldmont Medium Battleship
  • Goldmont Large Battleship
    • Please note that this event does not affect the loot items from defeating this sea monsters.
    • The “Sailing EXP Boost” from the “Launch of a Great Expedition” event will not stack with the Sailing EXP buff from this event.
    • During this event period, you can acquire Sailing EXP by defeating Hungry Hekaru and Hungry Ocean Stalkers. However, you will no longer be able to acquire Sailing EXP by defeating these same monsters once the event period ends.