26.02.2020 — 11.03.2020

Pre-Anniversary Celebration. Event 3: Lara's Four Requests

Period: February 26 (after maintenance)–March 11 (before maintenance)

  • Lara at Heidel has four requests for you! Carry out the special quests offered by Lara for  big rewards!
    • All special quests are available once per family during the entire event period.
    • Please accept and complete the quests from NPC Lara.
    • [Event] Serendian Token of Protection can be obtained as loot for defeating world boss Kzarka.

Quest Name


Completion Reward

[Event] Lara's Special Request I

Harvest 1 Special Sunflower Seed

Black Gem x20

[Event] Lara's Special Request II

Defeat 100 Helms

Black Stone (Weapon) x50,


Black Stone (Armor) x50

[Event] Lara's Special Request III

Deliver Scorched Fragment x1 to Lara

Memory Fragment x40

[Event] Lara's Special Request IV

Deliver [Event] Serendian Token of Protection x1 to Lara

[Event] Rare Tungrad Accessory Box