26.02.2020 — 18.03.2020

Pre-Anniversary Celebration. Event 1: SUPER FEVER TIME

Period: February 26 (after maintenance)–March 18 (before maintenance)


  • During the event period of 3 weeks, enjoy the following EXP boosts in every server including Olvia and Arsha servers. No matter where you take your adventures in, you will be able to enjoy the same EXP boosts!

Combat EXP +200%

Skill EXP +30%

Life EXP +20%

(excludes Trading and Bartering)

Item Drop Rate Boost +50%

  • The boosts will run 24/7 which means they will be in effect from February 26 09:00 UTC to March 18 09:00 UTC.
  • EXP boosts will stack with the existing EXP increase effects such as Item Collection Increase Scroll, Blessed Message Scroll (100 min), Mercenary’s Skill,  Elixirs, and Value Packs. However, please note that the Super Fever Time boosts will replace the current Fever Time boosts as well as previous Olvia and Arsha server boosts.
  • Combat EXP boost in this event does not apply to characters below level 50. However Skill EXP boost, Life EXP boost, and Item Drop Rate boosts are not restricted by level.
  • EXP gained as quest completion reward is not affected by the EXP boosts above.