16.10.2019 — 05.11.2019

Halloween 2019

16 October 2019 08:00


It’s the most frightful time of the year! Watch out as Spook may crawl up on you at any time during the event period!


Event 1: Spook is Back!

Period: October 16 (after maintenance)–November 6 (before maintenance)


Who is Spook?

  1. Spook will swarm the entire world of Black Desert Online and spawn at random times, random places!
  2. '<Weakened> Spook' will appear near adventurers of Lv.55 and below, whereas 'Spook' will spawn for adventurers of Lv.56 and above.
  3. Spook or <Weakened> Spook will drop the same items.
  4. Once you engage in combat with Spook, it will disappear 10 minutes after the combat starts. If unattacked, Spook will despawn in 10 minutes.


Obtain 1 of the following items below for defeating Spook:
*The quantity of the item dropped may vary


Black Spirit's Claw Piece x1

Forest Fury x1


Premium Elixir Box x1

Memory Fragment x2–3

Cron Stone x2–3

Ancient Spirit Dust x2–4

[Event] High-Quality Draught Box x1

Whale Tendon Potion x1–2

Black Gem Fragment x1–2

[Event] Black Fabric x2–4




  • Collect [Event] Black Fabric x10 and exchange them with the listed NPCs to obtain various Design Bundles for Craftable Costumes.



Exchange [Event] Black Fabric x10 for

Merv (Calpheon)

– Garnier Troupe Garb (Male/ Female Class)

Ornella (Serendia)

– Jordine's Casual Wear (Male Class)

– Jarette's Armor (Female Class)

Mevo Muranan (Mediah)

– Valencian Travel Wear (Male Class)

– Black Leopard Armor (Female Class)


Event 2: Hunt Pumpkin Ghosts

Period: October 16 (after maintenance)–November 6 (before maintenance)

  • Accept and complete the daily recurring quest from the NPCs listed to recover energy and get contribution EXP.
    • The special quest can be completed once per day per family during the event period.
    • The special quest will be deleted after the event ends.


Quest Name


Quest Objective


[Event] The Mischievous Pumpkin Ghosts

– Balenos: Igor Bartali


– Serendia: Amadeo Alejandro


– Calpheon: Basquean Ljurik


– Mediah: Ahon Kirus


– Valencia: Nerasabi Alom

Defeat the Mischievous Jacks that appear from 10:00 PM to 07:00 AM (in-game time).



*Mischievous Jack will appear at certain nodes, including farms (Bartali Farm, Loggia Farm, Finto Farm, Alejandro Farm, Moretti Plantation, Northern Wheat Plantation, Gianin Farm, Hexe Sanctuary, Soldier's Grave, Kasula Farm, Erdal Farm, Valencia Plantation, Fohalam Farm).



Contribution EXP 150


 Recover 100 Energy




Event 3: Collect Halloween Items

Period: October 17 (00:00 UTC)–November 6 (23:59 UTC)

  • Play daily during this spooky event period and get the rewards below via the Challenge tab (Y) based on your accumulated playtime. The rewards stack, so if you play 180 minutes in a single day, you will get all the available rewards for that day!


Accumulated Playtime


1 hr.

[Event] Halloween Coin x5

2 hrs.

[Event] Halloween Goodie x1

3 hrs.

[Event] Halloween Bag x1

  • You can either exchange or combine the Halloween items above for better rewards!

1. Exchange with Mael Costa

  • Exchange [Event] Halloween Coins with Mael Costa at Costa Farm in Serendia during the event period.

Quantity of [Event] Halloween Coins needed for exchange

Exchange for


Cron Stone x10


Sharp Black Crystal Shard x6


Advice of Valks (+25) x1


Fine Accessory Box x1

2. Combine the items-

  • Combine  [Event] Halloween Goodie x1 and  [Event] Halloween Bag x1 to get [Event] Halloween Goodie Bag.
    • Uncheck Auto Arrange in your Inventory (I)
    • Arrange [Event] Halloween Goodie and [Event] Halloween Bag in a [–] shape, in consecutive manner.
    • Press the [ + ] button to get [Event] Halloween Goodie Bag!
  • Open [Event] Halloween Goodie Bag to randomly obtain 1 of the following:
    • Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Destruction
    • Urugon's Shoes
    • Tungrad Belt
    • Tungrad Necklace
    • Tungrad Ring
    • Ogre Ring
    • Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Box
    • Tungrad Earring
    • Giath's Helmet
    • Bheg's Gloves
    • Muskan's Shoes
    • Advice of Valks (+30)
    • Leebur's Gloves
    • Red Nose's Armor
    • Basilisk's Belt
    • Ring of Crescent Guardian
    • Advice of Valks (+25)
    • Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3
    • Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3
    • [Event] Khalk's Elixir
    • Whale Tendon Elixir x1–2*
    • Superior Whale Tendon Potion x2–3*
    • [Event] Perfume of Courage
    • [Event] Perfume of Swiftness
    • Cron Stone x2–3*
    • Sharp Black Crystal Shard
    • Memory Fragment x1–2*
    • Hard Black Crystal Shard
    • Ancient Spirit Dust x3–5*
    • Black Gem Fragment x2–3*

*The quantity of the item dropped may vary


Event 4: Halloween Quests

Period: October 16 (after maintenance)–November 6 (before maintenance)

  • Don’t miss the additional event quests prepared exclusively for this haunted season!
    • All quests below except for the quest [Event] Sweep the Road for Sweet Jack O' Lantern can be completed once per family during the entire event period. [Event] Sweep the Road for Sweet Jack O' Lantern is a daily recurring quest and can be completed once per day per family.

Quest Name

Quest NPC

Quest Objective


[Event] Is Your Mind Playing Tricks On You... or Am I?

Mercianne Moretti

Defeat Scarecrows and obtain old hats

Contribution EXP 50


[Event] Scarecrow Mask

[Event] Workshop Bestseller


Obtain transparent wings from beetles

Contribution EXP 50


[Event] Sweet Cone Hat

[Event] Arooooo~!

Gray Biants

Get rid of wolves near Olvia

Contribution EXP 50


[Event] Wolf Nose

[Event] Devil's Night


Defeat Thief Imp and obtain its molar

Contribution EXP 50


[Event] Devil Horn Headband

[Event] Sweep the Road for Sweet Jack O’ Lantern

Amadeo Alejandro

Defeat Pumpkin Ghosts and get Pumpkin Masks

Contribution EXP 50


[Event] Undamaged Pumpkin

[Event] Alejandro’s Gift

Amadeo Alejandro

Give Undamaged Pumpkin x5 to Alejandro

Contribution EXP 50


[Event] Jack-O'-Lantern Mask


Bonus: It’s Halloween Time

Period: October 16 (after maintenance)–November 6 (before maintenance)

  • Halloween themed UI and music will be added to the world of Black Desert Online!



 Event Notice

  • Event-related items will not be deleted even after the event period ends. However, [Event] Undamaged Pumpkin will be deleted when the event period ends.
  • Halloween event bosses will only appear during the event period. Only one of Spook event bosses will appear for an Adventurer at a time.
  • Halloween event bosses will appear on special servers (Olvia and Arsha servers) as well. However, they will not spawn at sea or underwater regions.
  • You will not suffer death penalties if you get killed by Spook or <Weakened> Spook.
  • [Event] Black Fabric will not be removed even after the event ends and you will be able to exchange the item through the relevant NPCs. 
  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering in-game events may result in the restriction of your account.
  • Reward items given out through events can be Bound or not, depending on the item. Thus, some items cannot be Moved or Restored.
    • Please check the description of the item to confirm whether this item is Bound or not.
  • Event period and specs. may change with future notice.