05.02.2020 — 19.02.2020

Guardian Awakening Events: Event 4. Unstable Ember

Period: February 6 (00:00 UTC)–February 19 (before maintenance)

Are you ready for Guardian’s Awakening? Let’s start the journey with her and get rewards!


Login every day during the event to get [Event] Unstable Ember x1.




Guardian has Awakened! - Gather the Holy Flames

Event Period: February 6, 2020 (00:00 UTC)–February 12, 2020 (23:59 UTC)

[Event] Unstable Ember x1

During the event period, you can obtain [Event] Remnant of Ynix Seed by defeating monsters, gathering, and fishing. [Event] Unstable Ember x1 will be given via Challenges (Y) tab every day per family for a week (Feb. 6 00:00UTC–Feb 12 23:59UTC).


How to Participate

  • Use Heating in the processing window (L) to combine items below and get one of the following items.

Required Items

How to Proceed

Obtain one of the rewards

[Event] Unstable Ember x1

[Event] Remnant of Ynix Seed x1


[Event] Dim Ember

[Event] Unstable Ember

[Event] Dim Ember x1

[Event] Remnant of Ynix Seed x2

[Event] Burning Ember

[Event] Dim Ember

[Event] Burning Ember x1

[Event] Remnant of Ynix Seed x3

[Event] Roaring Flame*

[Event] Burning Ember

  • You will be able to exchange [Event] Roaring Flame with Cron Stone x20 through Alustin in Velia.
  • Exchanging of [Event] Roaring Flame is allowed from Feb. 6 00:00 UTC–Feb. 19 (before maintenance).


Event Notice

  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering in-game events may result in the restriction of your account.
  • Reward items given out through events can be Bound or not, depending on the items. Thus, some items cannot be Moved or Restored. Please check the description of the item to confirm if it's Bound or not.
  • Event period and specs. may change with future notice.