05.02.2020 — 26.02.2020

Guardian Awakening Events: Event 1. Level up Your Guardian, Part 2

Period: February 5 (after maintenance)–February 26 (before maintenance)

Are you ready for Guardian’s Awakening? Let’s start the journey with her and get rewards!


During the event period, simply level up your Guardian and claim your rewards via the Challenges (Y) tab!


 Lv. Reached 

Challenge Rewards


Gold Bar 100G x1

Memory Fragment x5

 Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x5 


Gold Bar 100G x2

Valks' Cry x5

[Event] Extra Combat EXP Scroll x5


Gold Bar 100G x3

[Event] Artisan's Memory x5

[Event] Extra Skill EXP Scroll x5


Gold Bar 100G x4

[Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days) x1

Blessed Message Scroll (100 min) x5

Advice of Valks (+50) x1


  • You can only participate in this event and claim rewards from the Challenges (Y) tab with a Guardian character.
  • If you reach level 61 with your Guardian character, you will be able to claim all of the rewards listed above.
  • The event quest can be completed once per Family, and the reward can be claimed once per Family. (If you have two or more of the Guardian characters within the same Family, then the Challenge Reward will apply to the one that achieved the challenge first.)