03.03.2020 — 01.04.2020

Fourth Anniversary Celebration, Part 1

03 March 2020 09:00

[For New Adventurers]

Event 4: Golden Challenges for New Adventurers

Period: March 3 (after maintenance)–April 1 (before maintenance)

  • Welcome! New adventurers who reach a certain level in their adventures in the vast world of Black Desert Online can obtain rewards below via the Challenge tab (Y)!
    • If you have reached the levels below, simply check your Challenge tab (Hotkey: Y) and press the 'Claim' button to obtain your rewards!
    • If you reach up to Lv. 56 in this event period as a New Adventurer, you can claim up to 53,000,000 Silver!


Level Reached


Lv. 20

Gold Bar 10G x1

Lv. 30

Gold Bar 10G x2

Lv. 40

Gold Bar 10G x5

Lv. 50

Gold Bar 100G x1

Lv. 53

Gold Bar 100G x1

Gold Bar 10G x5

Lv. 56

Gold Bar 100G x2