04.03.2020 — 25.03.2020

Fourth Anniversary Celebration, Part 1

03 March 2020 09:00

Event 2: Dark Rift Update: Mammore is Back!

Period: March 4 (09:00 UTC)–March 25 (before maintenance)


  • After the expansion and contraction periods, Dark Rift is about to experience yet another transformation. In this special event period, battle the fierce holy beast Mammore on the Fleme Hills between Toscani Farm and Marino Farm near Velia.


Dark Rift Boss


Spawn location

Frequency of Spawn

Special Reward

[Event] Mammore


Fleme Hills

3–4 days

Box of the Silent Dead


  • In addition, try the event quest that can be accepted from NPC Tachros for an amazing reward!
    • This event quest is available once per family.
    • Your character must be at least Lv. 10 in order to accept the quest.
    • Mammore's Claw will be obtained every time you defeat Mammore from the Dark Rift.



Quest Name

NPC-to-accept and complete

Quest Requirement

Completion Reward

[Event] Menacing Mammore



Defeat [Event] Mammore, obtain [Event] Mammore's Claw x2, and deliver them to Tachros.

Contribution EXP 50


 Advice of Valks (+100)