30.04.2019 — 15.05.2019

Period: April 30 (after maintenance) – May 15 (before maintenance)


Event 1: Time to train!

During the event, enjoy a Training EXP +100% and Mount EXP +100% boost!


Training EXP +100%

Mount EXP +100%

Event 2: Collect ingredients!

During the event, obtain the following items by defeating monsters, gathering, and fishing!


Brilliant Crimson Fire Flower


Usage: Courser Training for Strength


Effect: Courser Training Strength EXP +2%


Training Strength increases your chance of getting Doom if you succeed in awakening your courser.

Fruit of Yianaros


Usage: Courser Training for Skill


Effect: Courser Training Skill EXP +2%

Training Skill increases your chance of getting Arduanatt if you succeed in awakening your courser.

Mysterious Blue Conch


Usage: Courser Training for Elegance


Effect: Courser Training Elegance EXP +2%


Training Elegance increases your chance of getting Diné if you succeed in awakening your courser.