19.06.2019 — 03.07.2019


Part 1: Brush that donkey

Period: June 19 (after maintenance) – June 26 (before maintenance)

How much do you know about donkeys? Complete the quests from NPC Bmanzur to find out all about donkeys, and learn to take care of them!



Quest NPC



[Event] Do You Know About the Donkeys?

 Bmanzur, who can be found in Velia 

Talk to Islin Bartali about Donkeys

Talk to Tachros about Donkeys

 Talk to Lorenzo Murray about Donkeys 

[Event] Donkey Brush

 [Event] Give the Donkeys the Attention They Deserve 

Use [Event] Donkey Brush


 [Event] Extra Mount EXP Scroll* 


Contribution EXP 100

*[Event] Extra Mount EXP Scroll gives a buff of Mount EXP +20% for 10 hours.

*Both of the quests above are available once per day during the event period.


The [Event] Donkey Brush from the quest [Event] Do You Know About the Donkeys? is a special tool designed to brush donkeys. When you brush a donkey with this item during the quest [Event] Give the Donkeys the Attention They Deserve, it will reciprocate your kindness and affection.


▲ Bmanzur can be found in Velia!


There will initially be only one donkey NPC per server. As this quest is completed more times and thus more donkeys are brushed, more donkeys will appear and gather around.


When a server is ‘overrun,’ there will be 3 additional Donkeys placed next to Bmanzur and the Donkey NPC. However, you can still accept and complete the quest [Event] Give the Donkeys the Attention They Deserve even on servers that are overrun with Donkeys.


▲ An example of a server overrun with donkeys!


Part 2: More donkeys, the merrier

Event Period: June 26 (after maintenance) – July 3rd (before maintenance)

Depending on the number of servers overrun with donkeys (from adventurers completing the quest [Event] Give the Donkeys the Attention They Deserve from above), additional rewards will be given out!


 Servers overrun with donkeys* 


 20 or up

A Mount EXP +50% boost event from June 26 (after maintenance) – July 3 (before maintenance)**

 30 or up

Choose one donkey emblem out of three possible choices (Derome, Cherose, or Vallet) via the Challenges tab (Y).


Contribution EXP 100

** The mount experience boost will be applied to every server in your region (except Arsha servers).

The rewards stack, so if there are over 30 servers overrun with donkeys, you will get all the rewards (EXP boost event, a donkey of your choice, and Contribution EXP).