19.06.2019 — 26.06.2019


Period: June 19 (after maintenance) – July 3 (before maintenance)


Shai Customization Contest is here so get ready to show us your artistic skills and win brand new apparel for Shai. Submit your original customization today!

Also, just creating a Shai will guarantee you bonus rewards as well! You can check out the Bonus: Shai Pre-creation Event below for more information.


How to Participate

Step 1

Customize a Shai in the Character Creation window.

Step 2

Click [Beauty Album] → [Take Photo] to take a picture, enter a title and choose a category, and press Save to register your photo to User Gallery.

  • Please make sure you have toggled “Register in Gallery” to upload to Gallery tab where you can confirm it.

  • The more people you have applying your customization, the higher the chance for you to win.

  • Before the Shai official release, Shai customizations can be applied via Character Creation > Shai > Beauty Album.

  • After the Shai official release, Shai customizations can also be applied while playing Shai with Beauty (F4) > Beauty Album


Participation Category



From the Shai customizations in the “Top 50 Most Applied" category (under Top Ranking in the Beauty Album) our staff will pick the Top 5 Winners from NA and EU each.



Create your distinctive customization.

From the Shai customizations in the "Unique” category (under Gallery in the Beauty Album) our staff will pick the Top 3 Winners from NA and EU each.

*All-in-all, 8 winners will be chosen for each region (NA or EU) for a total of 16 winners altogether.



Whimsical Alchemist Classic Set


Merv's Palette (30 Days)


Event Notice

  • Please don’t forget to save your progress! Save your templates before clicking [Creation Complete].

  • Create and submit your Shai customization by July 3 (before maintenance).

  • Top 5 winners from BEST OF SHOW and Top 3 winners from BE UNIQUE in NA or EU (Total 16) will be chosen after the event concludes and winners will be announced via Forums at a later date.

  • Event rewards will be sent via in-game mail with a future announcement via Patch Notes of the relevant week.

  • We do not accept default customization; please make sure to create an original customization and show off your skills!

  • We do not accept copies of customization taken from other authors; please create your own content.

  • Multiple submissions are allowed, but only one of your submissions will be eligible to win for the BEST OF SHOW.

  • Winners of BEST OF SHOW will be chosen from the Top Ranking tab regardless of the category the submission is under in the Beauty Album. Winners of BE UNIQUE will be chosen by Staff Pick from the 'Unique' category.

  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering in-game event may result in restriction of your account.

  • Event period and specs. may change with future notice.


Bonus: Shai Pre-creation Event


Period: June 19 (after maintenance) – June 26 (before maintenance


During the event period, simply create a Shai in-game in the Character Creation window to get rewards.



[Event] Peek-a-Boo Black Spirit Cube Earring

A special in-game title:
Lil’ Trickster

Inventory Slot +8 Expansion Coupon

Weight Limit +50LT

[Event] Asulas's Accessory Box

+2 Silver Embroidered Clothes Box

Extra Life EXP Scroll x10

Gold Bar 1,000G