20.03.2019 — 10.04.2019


Event 1. Collect and Exchange


Event Period: Mar. 21st (00:00 UTC) – Apr. 10th (before maintenance)

  • Collect an [Event] Cherry Blossom every hour and exchange them for amazing rewards!

※ How to obtain [Event] Cherry Blossom


 [Event] Cherry Blossom


  1. Collect your [Event] Cherry Blossom every hour via Challenge Reward (Y)!
  2. Exchange the [Event] Cherry Blossom via any Skill Instructor NPC.

※ One [Event] Cherry Blossom is given every hour, and you can receive up to 5 daily.


※ Exchange for rewards

  • Exchange the [Event] Cherry Blossom with any of the following Skill Instructor NPCs during the event period to receive your reward.
    • Buntt (Olvia), Tachros (Velia), Cruhorn Wyrmsbane (Heidel), Psebor (Calpheon), Abdul Jaum (Mediah), Rabam (Valencia), Hazel Azealia (Grána), Akasak (Duvencrune)


[Event] Cherry Blossom


What’s inside the Box

 x 5

[Event] Delicate Cherry Blossom Ornament Box

Memory Fragment x3

Black Stone (Armor) x10


Black Stone (Weapon) x3

 x 15

[Event] Resplendent Cherry Blossom Ornament Box

Memory Fragment x10

Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) x1

 Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) x1

 x 25

[Event] Shining Cherry Blossom Ornament Box

Memory Fragment x15

[Event] Black Magic Crystal Box x1


※ Open the [Event] Black Magic Crystal Box to randomly get a Black Magic Crystal - Cobelinus, Hystria/Harphia/Carmae/Addis/Viper.

 x 75

Fine Accessory Box

※ Open the Fine Accessory box to randomly get one of the following:

Ogre Ring

Tungrad Earring

Basilisk's Belt

Ring of Crescent Guardian


Event 2. Plant a Tree


Event Period: Mar. 20th (after maintenance) – Apr. 3rd (before maintenance)

  • Don’t miss this chance to get your very own Cherry Blossom Pot that you can place in your residence!


[Event] Cherry Blossom Seed

※ Go to the Pearl Shop (F3) > Loyalties category during the event period. You can buy one [Event] Cherry Blossom Seed per day per Family, for only 3 Loyalties!


Cherry Blossom Pot

※ Plant the [Event] Cherry Blossom Seed in a Fence Garden. When you Harvest the plant, you will get a Cherry Blossom Pot!

Interior Points: 20 Point

(Interior Points cannot be stacked.)


※ How to plant your Cherry Blossom Seed


Step 1: Rent a Fence

  • You can rent a Small Fence with 3 Contribution Points from the following NPCs:
    • Martina Finto (Finto Farm)
    • Enzo (Dias Farm)
    • Dofry Hussey (Abun)

※ You can navigate to a fence rental NPC by right-clicking your [Event] Cherry Blossom Seed.

Step 2: Install the Fence

  • You can install fences outside Safe Zones. Go to the place you will like to install your Fence.
  • Right-click the fence in your Inventory to start the Install Mode where you can install the fence at your desired spot.
  • Move your mouse to where you would like your fence to be, left-click and then select Confirm.

Step 3: Plant the Cherry Blossom Seed

  • Switch to Place Mode (R) while you are inside your fence garden.
  • Select the [Event] Cherry Blossom Seed from the bottom of the screen, move your mouse to where you would like to plant it, left-click and select Confirm.

Step 4: Harvest

  •  Your Cherry Blossom plant will finish growing after 500 minutes.
  • Go up to the plant and click Harvest (R) to get your very own Cherry Blossom Pot!

※ You can remove and return the fence to a fence exchange NPC get back your Contribution Points.