13.05.2020 — 20.05.2020

Wishes for the Sky

13 May 2020 09:21

Period: May 13 (after maintenance)–May 20 (before maintenance)


Lara seeks to light up and send away lanterns containing wishes written by the children. Help the children make their wishes!


  1. Head over to the Coastal Cliff in Balenos, then accept and complete the event quest from NPC Lara to obtain rewards. (Coastal Cliff is located at the Coastal Cave node).

Quest Name



[Event] Wish Lantern

Receive the [Event] Wish-Scribbled Paper from a child and bring it to Lara

[Event] Big Lucky Bag,

[Event] Seal of Wishes

  • You can complete the event quest by interacting with 1 of the 3 children located near Lara. Please note that the rewards are the same.
  • The event quest is available once per family per day. This quest will be available again after 00:00 UTC every day.
  1. Event items obtained from completing the quest can be used to get more rewards or exchanged for other items:

Event Item


[Event] Big Lucky Bag

You'll randomly get one of the following:


Advice of Valks (+50),

Black Magic Crystal - Carmae,

Black Magic Crystal - Addis,

Blessed Message Scroll (100 min),

Crystal Extraction Tool,

Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power,

Tough Whale Tendon Elixir,

Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1–2,

Memory Fragment x2–3,

Hard Black Crystal Shard x2–3,

Scorched Fragment,

Ancient Spirit Dust x10–15,

Black Crystal Fragment x5–10,

Cron Stone x2–3

[Event] Seal of Wishes

Collect the seals and bring them back to Lara of Heidel to exchange for various goods.


Exchange 1: Cron Stone x3

Exchange 3: [Event] Enhancement Help Kit II x1

Exchange 7: Advice of Valks (+50) x1



– Right-click on the seal to find Lara's location.


Bonus Event!

Period: From May 20 (after maintenance)

Every [Event] Wish-Scribbled Paper given to NPC Lara during the Wishes for the Sky event period (May 13–May 20) will be counted as a point.


When more adventurers participate to turn in [Event] Wish-Scribbled Paper, more children will gather near Lara. You can check the progress or level of completion by counting the number of children gathered.

When enough [Event] Wish-Scribbled Paper is turned in to Lara and enough children gather near her (6 additional children), the server will reach level 3 and be considered complete.

Higher number of completed servers will result in the following additional rewards offered in the post-event period.


Servers Completed

Additional Bonus

17 Servers or more

Golden Bell on all servers for 24 hours

(May 20 12:00 UTC–May 21 12:00 UTC)

 22 Servers or more

Combat EXP +100% and Skill EXP +20% for 1 week

(May 20–May 27 before maintenance)

28 servers or more

[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days) x1 sent to all adventurers

  • All servers, excluding Olvia and Arsha servers, are included in this event.
  • The total count will be made separately for EU and NA servers.
  • Additional bonuses will stack depending on the total count (i.e. 28 servers or more completed will result in all 3 bonuses for the region).
  • Additional bonuses will be announced with the May 20th maintenance via the May 20th Patch Notes.


Event Notice

  • One event quest can be completed per family per day. Quests will reset at 00:00 UTC every day.
  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering in-game events may result in the restriction of your account.
  • Reward items given out during events can be bound or not depending on the items and some cannot be moved nor restored.
    • Please refer to the individual item descriptions for more detailed information.
  • Event period and specs. may change with future notice.