27.07.2022 — 23.08.2022

The Dragon Appreciation Society is Looking for Talent


Adventurers, apparently the Dragon Appreciation Society, D.A.S. for short, heard the news of Season: Day of Dragons and wanted our help in promoting their event.  

The Dragon Appreciation Society is Looking for Talent 

The Dragon Appreciation Society was founded as a fellowship of dragon “aficionados.” They engage in a variety of activities together such as training for exploration, excavating dragon fossils, and even hosting dragon-themed fashion shows.  

In an effort to spread the “appreciation of dragons,” the D.A.S. is looking for new members who will join us!  

1. Talent Search Period 
- July 27, 2022 (Wed) - August 23, 2022 (Tue) 

2. Who is Eligible? 
- Anyone who has an appreciation of dragons and basic knowledge about dragons. 
- Anyone who has seen a dragon in real life.  
- Must not be a dragon or dragonfolk (self-appreciation is not our purpose) 

3. Sign-up Benefits 
- All applicants will be given Dragon's Blessing  
- Outstanding applicants be given an additional reward 

4. Submission Requirements 
- The D.A.S. needs proof that you’ve actually witnessed a dragon. Please submit a picture of the dragon you witnessed.   

Want to join but not sure what to submit? Maybe you’ve never seen a dragon or not great at drawing? Then take a look at some tips by a senior D.A.S. member!  
"You can try to draw a dragon you’ve seen before or draw something from your imagination. 
The D.A.S. is open-minded, so don’t worry!"

 An “Artistic” Piece 

(Link to Artist) 

A “Creative” Piece 

(Name: Dragon Bartali) 

Event Period 
- July 27, 2022 (Wed) - August 23, 2022 (Tue) 23:59  
Event Details 
①  During the event, draw a picture to submit to the D.A.S. 
- Anything Black Desert-related is fine, but it must include the wings of a dragon!  
② Upload your drawing to the [Event] category on the official website’s forums.  
- Your post’s title must start with [Server][DASDrawing]. (Required) 
- Your drawing must include the “wings of a dragon.” 
- Make sure to include [DASDrawing] in your post’s title!  
- While you can submit multiple drawings, only one will be counted for the event.  
 ③ Adventurers who submit drawings will have a chance to be selected as winners for two categories: Artistic and Creative Flair. Additionally, all participants will also receive the Dragon's Blessing. 
- Winners will be selected through an internal evaluation process.  
- The “Artistic Flair” category focuses on artistic merit, while the “Creative Flair” category focuses on creativity, wit, and entertainment.  
- The Dragon’s Blessing will only be given once.  
Event Rewards 


Number of Winners 


Artistic Flair 

5 Adventurers (per region)

5000  Pearls

Blessing of Old Moon Pack (30 Days) 

Creative Flair 

10 Adventurers (per region)

Value Pack (30 Days) 


All Participants 


Dragon's Blessing 

Bonus Discord Event!

In addition to the above rewards, 5 winners from the "Artistic Flair" category (out of 10 including both regions) will have their artwork showcased as the official BDO Discord banner for one week per winner! A custom role will also be given to the Discord event winners during the period when their banner is up.


Please note that your drawing may need to be edited to fit the banner size.

Also, there is no need to make separate submissions.

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