21.10.2020 — 04.11.2020

Spooky Witchy Halloween!

21 October 2020 


Halloween is coming and we hope you have been waiting for the spookiest bosses to doom the world of Black Desert Online. Defeat Spook and Isabella the Black Witch and challenge yourself to Halloween-themed challenges for some of the coolest rewards.


Stay tuned for brand new Halloween events prepared for this year coming up next week!


Event 1. Spook is Back

Period: October 21 (after maintenance)–November 4 (before maintenance)


  • During the spooky Halloween event period, Spook will swarm the entire world of Black Desert Online and spawn at random times and random places!

    • Spook will not appear in Valencia regions. Also, Spook will not appear at sea or underwater regions.

    • '<Weakened> Spook' will appear near adventurers of Lv. 55 and below, whereas 'Spook' will spawn for adventurers of Lv. 56 and above.

    • Spook and <Weakened> Spook will drop the same items.

    • Once you engage in combat with Spook, it will disappear 10 minutes after the combat starts. If unattacked, Spook will despawn in 10 minutes.

  • Obtain 1 of the following items below for defeating Spook:

    • The quantity of the item dropped may vary



*[Event] Black Fabric x2–4


Forest Fury x1

Premium Elixir Box x1

Memory Fragment x2–3

Cron Stone x2–3

Ancient Spirit Dust x3–5

[Event] High-Quality Draught Box x1

Whale Tendon Potion x1–2

Black Gem Fragment x1–2

  • Collect *[Event] Black Fabric x10 and exchange them with the listed NPCs to obtain various Design Bundles for Craftable Costumes.



Exchange [Event] Black Fabric x10 for


Merv (Calpheon)


– Garnier Troupe Garb (Male/ Female Class)


Ornella (Serendia)

– Jordine's Casual Wear (Male Class)

– Jarette's Armor (Female Class)


Mevo Muranan (Mediah)

– Valencian Travel Wear (Male Class)

– Black Leopard Armor (Female Clas

  • Garnier Troupe Garb can be worn by all classes except for Shai class.

  • Jordine's Casual Wear and Valencian Travel Wear can be worn only with male classes.

  • Jarette's Armor and Black Leopard Armor can be worn by all female classes except for the Shai class.


Event 1 Notice

  • Halloween event bosses will only appear during the event period. Only one of Spook event bosses will appear for an Adventurer at a time.

  • Halloween event bosses will appear on special servers (Olvia and Arsha servers) as well. However, they will not spawn at sea or underwater regions.

  • You will not suffer death penalties if you get killed by Spook or <Weakened> Spook.

  • [Event] Black Fabric will not be removed even after the event ends and you will be able to exchange the item through the relevant NPCs.