18.06.2020 — 15.07.2020

Season Server Launch Events

Event 3: Get Refined Magical Black Stones

Period: June 18 (00:00 UTC)–July 15 (before maintenance)


  • Simply log in with your Season Character during the event period and receive the following rewards different for each day via the Challenges tab (Y).

  • The following reward can be claimed only with a Season Character once per in-game family per day.

  • The reward challenge resets daily at 00:00 UTC.

Days to log in

Challenge Reward

Weekdays (Mon.–Fri.)

Refined Magical Black Stone x3

Weekends (Sat., Sun.)

Refined Magical Black Stone x4

What are Refined Magical Black Stones?


Refined Magical Black Stone 

Use it to enhance Tuvala gear from PRI (I) to TRI (III).


- Required amount to enhance to PRI (I): x10

- Required amount to enhance to DUO (II): x20

- Required amount to enhance to TRI (III): x30


Guaranteed Enhancement will consume 50 Durability of the gear being enhanced