18.06.2020 — 29.07.2020

Season Server Launch Events


Event 1: Summer Season Playtime Challenge

Period: June 18 (00:00 UTC)–July 29 (23:59 UTC)

  • Play daily with your Season Character and get the below rewards via the Challenge tab (Y) based on your accumulated playtime during the event period. 

  • Playtime challenges for your Season Character can be completed once per in-game family per day.

  • Playtime challenge resets daily at 00:00 UTC.

  • The rewards stack, so if you play 120 minutes in a single day you will get all the available rewards for that day!

Accumulated playtime


60 min.

[Event] Summer Season Commemorative Coin x2

120 min.

[Event] Summer Season Commemorative Coin x2

  • You can exchange [Event] Summer Season Commemorative Coin with Igor Bartali in Velia for the following items:

[Event] Summer Season Commemorative Coin Required

Can be exchanged for


Cron Stone x1


Valk's Cry x1


Advice of Valks (+20) x1


Advice of Valks (+30) x1


*[Event] Caphras Stone Bundle x1


Advice of Valks (+40) x1


Advice of Valks (+50) x1

*Right-click to open [Event] Caphras Stone Bundle and obtain Caphras Stone x20–30.