08.04.2020 — 22.04.2020

Refer-a-Friend Promotion

08 April 2020 08:00


Greeting Adventurers,


Starting today and for two weeks, you will be able to invite your friends to join Black Desert Online and earn rewards! All players will be able to share their Referral ID and receive a reward for each player that uses it and purchases a Game Pass. New players who use a Referral ID and buy the game will receive special rewards upon reaching in-game milestones!


Promotion Period: April 8th - April 22nd


Finding and using a Referral ID


You can find your own Referral ID, as well as use someone else’s Referral ID at your Account page.


How do I use a Referral ID?


You can use a Referral ID by going to your Account page and entering it in the “Referrer” input box found at the bottom of your Account Info. Press the “Confirm” button and you’re done!

Keep in mind that you can only use the “Referrer” input box within 7 days of your account registration. If you miss this timeframe, the input box will disappear.

Using a Referral ID does not prevent you from sharing your own - make sure to invite your friends and earn additional rewards too!


Where do I find my rewards?


There are two types of rewards; “My Goals” rewards and “My Referrals” rewards which you can find at the Referrals page.

“My Goals” rewards are only available if you used a Referral ID as a recently registered player.

  • You can earn these rewards after reaching in-game milestones.

  • To see those rewards enabled, you will have to own a Game Pass.


“My Referrals” rewards are available to everyone, and are based on the amount of players that used your Referral ID.

  • While all players using your Referral ID will contribute towards your referral count, only those that buy a Game Pass will count towards the unlocking of your rewards.

  • Your first 4 rewards will be eligible for claiming only once.

  • For every new referral past your 4th (labeled as “+1”), you will receive an additional reward!

  • There is a limit of 100 “+1” rewards you can receive.


* Please note that the rewards found in the Referral page are currently unavailable and will automatically appear after Monday, April 13th.


Event Notice

  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering this promotion may result in the restriction of your account.

  • Promotion period and specs may change with future notice.