30.09.2020 — 14.10.2020

Playtime Challenge

29 September 2020 


Period: September 30 (00:00 UTC)–October 14 (23:59 UTC)


Stack up on your reward items for every 30 minutes of playtime!


Accumulated Playtime


30 min.

[Event] Golden Seal of Panto x1

60 min.

[Event] High-Quality Draught Box x1


90 min.

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x1

120 min.

Blessed Message Scroll (100 min) x1,

[Event] Golden Seal of Panto x1


  • Playtime challenges can be completed once per in-game family per day.
  • Playtime challenge is reset daily at 00:00 UTC.
  • The rewards stack, so if you play 120 minutes in a single day, you will get all the available rewards for that day!


What do you exchange [Event] Golden Seal of Panto for?



[Event] Golden Seal of Panto Required

Exchange for



[Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box x1


  • Morco of the Crow Merchants Guild can be found in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova, Valencia City, Grána, and Duvencrune during the event period.
  • Right-click on [Event] Golden Seal of Panto to easily locate him!

Bonus! [Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll for Silver

Period: September 30 (00:00 UTC)–October 6 (23:59 UTC)

  • During the event period, check out the Pearl Shop (F3) > Black Spirit's Pick to purchase [Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll x1 for 1,000,000 Silvers.

Item Name

Item Effect

[Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll



Item Drop Rate +50%

– Cooldown: 60 min

– Duration: 60 min


  • This item can be purchased once per family per day.
  • Item purchase resets daily at 00:00 UTC .
  • Please note this is a temporary buff giving item with an expiration of 15 days upon point of purchase!
  • The drop rate boost from this item will stack with Item Collection Increase Scroll items.
  • However, [Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll's drop rate boost does not stack with [Event] Scroll of the Glorious Battlefield or J's Special Scroll.

Event Notice:

  • Reward items given out during events can be bound or not depending on the items and some cannot be moved or restored.
    • Please refer to the individual item descriptions for more detailed information.
  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering in-game events may result in the restriction of your account.
  • Event period and specs may change with future notice.