07.10.2020 — 21.10.2020

O'dyllita Launch Events

07 October 2020 


O'dyllita, the land of darkness and ancient secrets, will unfold. Start your adventure in O'dyllita now with the following events to enjoy the new area.


Event 3. Flower in the Darkness

Period: October 7 (after maintenance)–October 21 (before maintenance)


  • Find and gather Delotia that blooms all over O'dyllita.


▲ Delotia can be spotted most often in O'draxxia, the capital of O'dyllita

  • During this event period, Manufacture Delotia x3 from the Processing window (L) to obtain [Event] Delotia Flower Decoration.

    • Please note this processing will only be available during the event period and you can no longer craft [Event] Delotia Flower Decoration after the event period ends.

  • Hand over [Event] Delotia Flower Decoration to NPC Lomin in O'draxxia to obtain [Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe.

    • Lomin can be found near Emeracia, the general goods vendor of O'draxxia.



Event Quest


Completion Bonus

[Event] Flower in the Darkness


- Deliver [Event] Delotia Flower Decoration to Lomin


[Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe

  • This event quest can be completed with a character Lv. 56 and above, and can be completed once per day per in-game family



Craftable Item

Perfume of Courage x1,

[Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe x1

[Event] Flawless Perfume of Courage x1

Perfume of Swiftness x1,

[Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe x1

[Event] Perfume of Charming Swiftness x1

Khalk's Elixir x1,

[Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe x1

[Event] Khalk's Brutal Elixir x1

Elixir of Deep Sea x1,

[Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe x1

[Event] Elixir of Deep Serene Sea x1

  • [Event] Perfume or [Event] Elixir items can also be used as materials to craft the mentioned items. For example, [Event] Perfume of Courage can also be combined with [Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe to create [Event] Flawless Perfume of Courage.

  • Effect from crafted perfumes and elixir items from combining [Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe with another material will not disappear even if the character is killed.

  • The resulting craftable items (perfumes and elixirs) will not be deleted even after the event ends.