07.10.2020 — 14.10.2020

O'dyllita Launch Events

07 October 2020 


O'dyllita, the land of darkness and ancient secrets, will unfold. Start your adventure in O'dyllita now with the following events to enjoy the new area.


Event 1. Trade with the trio

Period: October 7 (after maintenance)–October 14 (before maintenance)


1. During the event period, event NPCs will appear in O'draxxia, the capital city of O'dyllita. The supply delivery NPCs Martum, Tolo, and Lerosha will trade off [Event] Supply Box items you hand in with Gold Bar 10G and offer an additional Hot Time boost. Your choice will decide which additional Hot Time boost you will get later on.



2. There are 2 ways to obtain  [Event] Supply Box items during the event period.


Event Item

How to Obtain


[Event] Supply Box

  1. Defeat monsters, gather, or fish during the event period to obtain at a chance.

  • Log-in during the event period and receive [Event] Supply Box x3 per day via the Challenges tab (Y)!

  • The event challenge can be completed once per day per in-game family, and it will reset daily at 00:00 UTC.


3. You can choose any 1 of the 3 NPCs to turn in your [Event] Supply Box.

  • [Event] Supply Box will be deleted at the end of the event period, so please make sure to turn them in within the event period.


Item to Turn in

Exchange for

[Event] Supply Box


Gold Bar 10G


4. When the event ends, the NPC with the most number of [Event] Supply Box received (EU and NA servers separately) will give an additional Hot Time boost. This additional boost will be given during the additional Hot Time Boost period. Check the table below for details.


5. The results at the end of the event period will decide what type of additional Hot Time boost event will be given to NA and EU servers.

  • The additional boosts will be applied during Hot Time hours.


Additional Hot Time Boost

Period: October 21 (after maintenance)—October 28 (before maintenance)


NPC with most [Event] Supply Box received

Hot Time Additional Boost

<Calpheon Supply Delivery> Martum

Combat EXP Boost

+300% on Weekdays,

+500% on Weekends


*Replaces the previous Combat EXP boost

<Valencia Supply Delivery> 


Life EXP +50%


*In addition to the existing Hot Time boost

<O'draxxia Supply Delivery> Lerosha

Item Drop Rate +50% 

(only for lootable items from defeating monsters)


*In addition to the existing Hot Time boost

  • If Martum was the NPC with the most [Event] Supply Box received for NA servers, the previous Hot Time Combat EXP boost (of 100% on weekdays and +200% on weekends) will be replaced with the boosts shown above.

  • Tolo and Lerosha will be giving boosts in addition to existing Hot Time boosts if chosen.

  • The Hot Time additional boosts (Combat EXP, Life EXP, Item Drop Rate boosts) will stack with other boost-giving items.