23.09.2020 — 09.10.2020

O'dyllita Arrives October 7

23 September 2020 

O'dyllita, the land of darkness, is a step closer to revealing its ancient secrets.

A place which holds the stories of the immortal alchemist, Caphras, and the Ahib that were banished out of Kamasylvia due to their frantic vendetta.

Listen to "VIII. O'dyllita: Field Theme #4 Lament of the Ahib" and experience the lament of the Ahibs as you take in the scenery of O'dylitta. The violin in this piece expresses the sadness and passion of the Ahibs who were driven out of Kamasylvia.



Also, don't forget that we are offering the following drop rate boost events in-game currently that run until October 7 (before maintenance)!

  • Drop rate of Remnants of the Rift items from the Dark Rift doubled.
  • Drop rate of Specter's Energy will be increased in the following areas:
    • Sherekhan Necropolis
    • Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper Zone)

The highly-desired Blackstar gear requires materials like Remnants of the Rift and Specter's Energy to be crafted. Take advantage of the drop rate boosts for defeating monsters during the event period to help you get your Blackstar gear and suit up for O'dyllita.


O'dyllita arrives October 7, 2020 so please stay tuned!