11.11.2020 — 25.11.2020

[November Edition] Play for a Free Game Pass

11 November 2020 


Period: November 11 (after maintenance)–November 25 (before maintenance)


Black Desert Online will be available for free during this 2 week period to anyone who has had their trial period run out or made an account but didn't play the game.


In addition, for those of you who register during this time, your 7-day trial will become a 14-day trial!


This is a chance not only to try out the game for longer, but also to get a free game pass by reaching Lv. 50.


Sign-up now and enjoy plenty of time to live the full Black Desert Online experience!



Reach Lv. 50 with your character!


A free Basic Package, which means you will now own a permanent game pass!




You can participate if you have newly registered for Black Desert Online between November 11 (after maintenance) and November 25 (before maintenance), or already registered previously but don't have a game pass yet. 


This event is not available for those who have registered through Steam.




What if I already have a trial account with an Lv. 50 character?
If you own a trial account with a character that has reached Lv. 50 already, simply login to the game (make sure to completely connect to a server) and wait for your free basic package to be delivered in the next day's batch of game pass distribution.


What if I sign up after November 11?

As long as you sign up between November 11 (after maintenance) and November 25 (before maintenance), you can enjoy the extended 14-day free trial period, instead of the usual 7-day trial. You can also try to level up your character to Lv. 50 during this extended trial period.


For example, if you register on November 25 08:59 UTC, you will have until December 9 08:59 UTC to level your character up to Lv. 50 and get your free game pass.


You can always check on your highest level character and your trial end date with the button below.



Event Notice

  • You cannot participate in the event if you already own a game pass of any kind.

  • This event is not available to users who have registered for Black Desert Online through Steam.

  • The game pass (Basic Package) will start being distributed on November 12 (09:00 UTC). From that date onwards, free game passes will be distributed at 09:00 UTC on the next day to those who reached the Lv. 50 objective.

    • It may take up to 3 hours for the Basic Package to be delivered to the relevant accounts once they are distributed.

  • Your free game pass can be seen under Account Info after you login to our website.

  • Any exploitive or abnormal ways of entering the event may result in disqualification from the event.

  • Event period and specs. may change with future notice.