15.04.2020 — 29.04.2020

Mystical Ellie's Water Festival 2020

08 April 2020 09:00


Welcome to Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival!


Do you feel like playing in the water during your journey? Then why don’t you join the festival with Ellie and also get cool rewards?


New Bonus Event!

Period: April 15 (after maintenance)–April 29 (before maintenance)


Golden and silky waves have swept ashore! Go find special kinds of fish available within the Terrmian Beach!

Fish Name


Golden Sea Perch

10,000,000 Silver


500,000 Silver

  • The fish above can be caught at a chance only within Terrmian Beach area (not within Demi River south of Heidel like last year) during the event period.

    • The fishing area for the event fish may include Combat Zone where you may fish at your own risk. To make sure you’re in a Safe Zone please look at your mini map to determine whether you’re fishing in a safe area or not.

  • You can sell the fish you caught at NPC shops for the prices listed above.

  • Please note 'Koi' obtainable within this event period will be classified as a fish instead of a junk item. If you have selected to discard yellow grade (fish) and below during auto-fishing, Koi will be discarded. Golden Sea Perch is of highest grade and will not be discarded during auto-fishing.