02.09.2020 — 16.09.2020

Level Up in Hot Time. Event 1. Hooooooooot Time

02 September 2020

Hashashin is finally here so it's hot time to level up this newest addition to our roster of formidable classes. We have prepared EXP boosts on all servers and will give out rewards for levelling up Hashashin, so grab your shamshirs and go!


Period: September 2 (after maintenance)–September 16 (before maintenance)

  • The following EXP boosts will be applied during the event period.





All servers except season servers

24/7 during the entire event period

Combat EXP +200%

Skill EXP +30%

Season servers only

24/7 during the entire event period

Combat EXP +250%

Skill EXP +25%


Event 1 Notice

  • These special EXP boosts are applied only during the event period and will not stack with regular Hot Time boosts offered at certain periods.
  • The Combat EXP boost will not stack with previous Hot Time combat EXP boosts. However, EXP boosts from EXP scroll items, elixirs, and Value Packs will stack.
  • The Skill EXP boost will stack with previous skill buff effects.
  • The Combat EXP boost will not be applied to characters below Lv. 30. However, Skill EXP boost does not have a level restriction.
  • Life EXP and other EXPs are excluded from this event.
  • The EXP boost UI on top of your game screen will appear based on the time you first login to the game which means it may stay even after the event period ends. Please relog into the game to see the correct EXP UI displayed, and also mind the event period mentioned above.
  • Event period and specs. may change with future notice.