25.11.2020 — 02.12.2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

24 November 2020 

Check out this series of events to make your thanksgiving week more prosperous and fun!


Event 1. Weekend Season Server Coupons!

Period: November 27 (00:00 UTC)–December 2 (before maintenance)


Season server exclusive items to help you finish off the autumn season servers will be prepared via web coupons over this weekend!


  • During the event period, special web coupons for SEASON SERVER use only will be shared via this web post, SNS, and our official channels!
    • Please note each coupon will have different release schedules and effective dates. Mind the expiration date of around 3 days for each web coupon code.
    • Enter the codes below after they are revealed on your account page and receive the following rewards:

Coupon Reveal Date

Effective Date


Coupon Code

November 27,


November 27 (00:00 UTC)–November 29 (23:59 UTC)

Time-filled Black Stone x100,



Refined Magical Black Stone x30


November 28,


November 28 (00:00 UTC)–November 30 (23:59 UTC)

Time-filled Black Stone x100,



Tuvalu Ore x20


November 29,


November 29 (00:00 UTC)–December 2 (before maintenance)

Refined Magical Black Stone x30,


Tuvalu Ore x20



Where to redeem your code

  • Web client: bit.ly/bdoredeem
  • Steam client: Main menu of the game (ESC) >"Redeem" for old UI and (ESC) > Tab Community > Redeem for the new UI.
    • This code is only available for the PC version of EU/NA.


Event 2. Go Fishing

Period: November 25 (after maintenance)–December 9 (before maintenance)


During the event period, Silver Horn Fish with a big price tag will be available to catch in Velia, Heidel, Port Epheria, and Altinova!


Fish to Catch



Silver Horn Fish

500,000 Silver

  • You can sell the fish you caught at NPC shops for the price listed above.
  • The fishing area for the event may include Combat Zones, where you may fish at your own risk. Please look at your mini map to make sure you’re fishing in a safe area.
    • The name of the zone on the minimap will be displayed in red if you are in a Combat Zone.
  • Please note that using the fishing rods below increases the chance of gathering junk fish and therefore will make it difficult to obtain the event fish.
    • [Event] Splendid Golden Fishing Rod
    • Splendid Silver Fishing Rod

Where to Fish Silver Horn Fish


Event 3. Arcana Log-in Challenge

Period: November 25 (after maintenance)–December 31 (23:59 UTC)


  • Log-in once during the event period and get the following reward via Challenges (Y).
    • This log-in challenge is available only once per in-game family during the entire event period.



Log-in once during the event period.

Arcana of Fate Box x1

  • Right-click to open the Arcana of Fate Box and get all 13 kinds of Arcana cards below.
    • In order to obtain all 13 cards into your Inventory (I), please make sure to open up 13 empty slots before claiming the cards.

Open Arcana of Fate Box to get all of the following:

There are a total of 6 different types and 13 cards.

Pace of Delight - 1 Square

Pace of Delight - 2 Squares

Pace of Delight - 3 Squares

Pace of Delight - 4 Squares

Pace of Delight - 5 Squares

Pace of Delight - 6 Squares

Lucky Day - 1 Additional Roll

Lucky Day - 2 Additional Rolls

Lucky Day - 3 Additional Rolls

Fated Encounter

Nice Fluke!

Clattering Rattle

Cosmos Cataclysm


Bonus! Thanksgiving Mail!

  • Happy Thanksgiving! After today's maintenance, please check your in-game mailbox to claim the following thanksgiving gifts.
    • Make sure to claim them from your mailbox before November 29 (23:59 UTC) or they will disappear! Hurry and claim your thanksgiving surprise gifts now!

Thanksgiving Gifts

[Event] Shakatu's Mystery Box x1

Item Collection Increase Scroll: Advanced (60 min) x5

Blessed Message Scroll (100 min) x5

Book of Training - Combat (10 Hours) x1

Book of Training - Skill (10 Hours) x1

[Event] Extra Mount EXP Scroll x3



Event Notice

  • Reward items given out during events can be bound or not depending on the items and some cannot be moved or restored.
    • Please refer to the individual item descriptions for more detailed information.
  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering in-game events may result in the restriction of your account.
  • Event period and specs may change with future notice.