11.03.2022 — 24.03.2022

Gula's Special Steed Seal


Event Period

- March 11, 2022 (Fri) 00:00 - March 24, 2022 (Thu) 23:59 (UTC) 

Event Details
① Log in during the event to receive the following items from the Challenge (Y) menu.  
Challenge  Rewards
Log in 
[Event] Gula's Special Steed Seal x1

Celerity Draught x1

Cron Stone x15

Selectable Rewards (Choose 1▼)

Brilliant Crimson Fire Flower x5

Fruit of Yianaros x5

Mysterious Blue Conch x5 
* The event Challenges can only be completed once a day per Family and will reset daily at midnight (00:00).
* The completion rewards for the event Challenge will stack until claimed.

② After the maintenance on March 16 (Wed), you can exchange the [Event] Gula's Special Steed Seal with NPC Gula in Stonetail Horse Ranch for special items. 

Required Items  Exchangeable Items 

[Once Per Family] 

[Event] Gula's Special Steed Seal x5 

Mount Skill Selection Coupon x1

[No Limits] 

[Event] Gula's Special Steed Seal x1 

Brilliant Crimson Fire Flower x2

[No Limits] 

[Event] Gula's Special Steed Seal x1 

Fruit of Yianaros x2

[No Limits] 

[Event] Gula's Special Steed Seal x1 

Mysterious Blue Conch x2

* You can still exchange [Event] Gula's Special Steed Seal after the event ends.  

Learn more about the Mount Skill Selection Coupon

Mount Skill Selection Coupon 

The Mount Skill Selection Coupon is a special item that allows you to be 100% guaranteed to change one of your mount’s current skills to another skill of your choosing.

- This item can only be used once per Horse.
- This item will not affect the current “Skill Change Point” value.
- You can see if this item was used on a horse in the Horse Market or Mount Info UI.
- The status of whether or not this item was used on a mount will also be applied in the Horse Market. This status will not change if the mount is sold or bought.
- This item cannot be used on a guild mount.
- The Reset Mount Growth will also reset if a Mount Skill Selection Coupon was used to change a skill on the mount.  

* You can still exchange the items after the event ends. 

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