13.08.2020 — 02.09.2020

Glimmering Earring

12 August 2020


Feel like putting something shiny on your ears?

Hand over the Lost Bell of the Terrmian Spirit and receive a Terrmina Earring.

Also, don't forget to accept the offer because Marsella will give you a fair trade for it!


Event 3. Enhanced up to TRI?

Period: August 13 (00:00 UTC)–September 2 (before maintenance)

When you have successfully enhanced [Event] Terrmina Earring III or above, visit NPC Marsella in order to accept the quest.


Accept/Complete Quest From

Quest Complete Condition

Completion Reward

[Event] TRI: Light-bound Earring

NPC Marsella

Hand over [Event] Terrmina Earring III

PEN: Capotia Earring x1

[Event] TET: Light-bound Earring

Hand over [Event] Terrmina Earring IV

[Event] PEN: Light-bound Earring

Hand over [Event] Terrmina Earring V

  • The quest is available once per family.
  • You can accept and complete the quest without completing the “[Event] Remnants of Restoring Hope - Earring” quest