11.03.2020 — 01.04.2020

Fourth Anniversary Celebration, Part 2

11 March 2020 09:00

Event 1. Dark Rift Update: Three New Bosses


Period: March 11 (after maintenance)–April 1 (before maintenance) 

  • The Dark Rift has been updated, now with three new boss monsters available during the event period!

Dark Rift Boss


Special Reward 

(Obtain by chance)

[Event] Titium



Box of the Enraged Dead

[Event] Skeleton King


[Event] Leebur

Very Hard

What can you get from the box?


Item Name

Open to randomly obtain one of the following:

Box of the Enraged Dead

  – Giath's Helmet

  – Griffon's Helmet

  – Red Nose Armor

  – Dim Tree Spirit's Armor

  – Bheg's Gloves

  – Leebur's Gloves

  – Muskan's Shoes

  – Urugon's Shoes


  • Besides the regular loot items you get from defeating a Dark Rift boss, these three new bosses have a chance to drop a new type of box of the dead item!

  • The three event bosses will respawn in a slightly faster frequency compared to the previous Dark Rift bosses.