16.04.2020 — 28.04.2020

Finto's Juice Challenge

15 April 2020 08:00


Period: April 16 (00:00 UTC)–April 28 (23:59 UTC)


During the event period, tackle the following challenges to gather the ingredients to make [Event] Finto's Healthy Juice!




Log in for the first time during

the event period

Special Wheat Seed x3

Available only once per Family during the entire event period

Play 1 hour daily during the event period

[Event] Finto's Cooking Ingredients

Rewards do not stack; please claim your Challenge reward every day after 1 hour of playtime.


How to make [Event] Finto's Healthy Juice

Item Name


Cooking Recipe

[Event] Finto's Healthy Juice


Health EXP +2000

(5 times that of Finto's Filling Juice)


*Available if your Health level is 29 or below

Perform Simple Cooking with [Event] Finto's Cooking Ingredients x1 + *Fruit of the Sun x1 + Everlasting Herb x1 + Cooking Honey x7 to obtain [Event] Finto's Healthy Juice x2

*[TIP] How to get Fruit of the Sun

  • Fruit of the Sun can be obtained by farming with Special Wheat Seed first. Read below to see how you can obtain a Fruit of the Sun at a chance. 

    • Search for ‘Fence' in Find NPC window located at the top right corner of your game screen.

    • From the search query, find and go to the NPC who can rent you a Fence.

      • If you do not have the relevant NPC's knowledge, you will not be able to find this NPC in Find NPC window.

      • NPCs that rent Fences include Martina Finto of Finto Farm, Mael Costa of Costa Farm, and Flaviano the Material Vendor of Heidel.

    • If you have reached the NPC to rent out a Fence, use your Contribution points to rent one.

    • Set up a Fence in a place where it is not a Safe Zone.

      • Contribution Points needed to rent a Fence:

        • Small Fence: 3

        • Plain Fence: 6

        • Strong/Old Moon Fence: 10

      • After you set up your Fence and interact (R) with your garden, you will be able to plant Special Wheat Seed.

      • After the planted Special Wheat Seed grows, use Plant Breeding (F5) on the crop to obtain Fruit of the Sun at a chance. Note you will not be guaranteed to obtain Fruit of the Sun every time.


Event Notice

  • Reward items given out through events can be bound or not depending on the items. Thus, some items cannot be Moved or Restored. Please check the description of the item to confirm if it's Bound or not.

  • Event period and specs. may change with future notice.