02.09.2020 — 23.09.2020

Fall in Season Servers. Event 2.  Level Up Your Season Character!

02 September 2020

Period: September 2 (after maintenance)–September 23 (before maintenance)


  • During the event period, simply level up your season character and claim your rewards via the Challenges (Y) tab!
    • If you level up a Hashashin as a season character, you are automatically eligible to receive the "Level Up Your Hashashin" challenge rewards as well. For more details, please click <Here>.
  • You can only participate in this event with a season character.
  • You can only receive the reward with your season character via the Challenges (Y) tab.


Lv. Reached

Challenge Rewards



Gold Bar 10G x2



Traveler's Map x2






[Season] Finto's Filling Juice x10

[Season] Finto's Sweet Juice x10

[Season] Finto's Fresh Juice x10




Premium Elixir Box x2

[Event] High-Quality Draught Box x2






Kydict's Crystal - Adventure x1

Book of Training - Combat (3 Hours) x1

Book of Training - Skill (3 Hours) x1


Event Notice

  • You need to have 1 empty character slot to create a new season character.
  • Reward items given out during events can be bound or not depending on the items and some cannot be moved or restored.
    • Please refer to the individual item descriptions for more detailed information.
  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering in-game events may result in the restriction of your account.
  • Event period and specs. may change with future notice.