25.05.2022 — 08.06.2022

Drop-Rate Hot-Time



Event Period 

- May 25, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance - June 8, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance


Event Details 

① During the event, an Item Drop Rate +50% Hot Time will be active for items dropped by defeated monsters! 


Active During the Entire Event Period 

Item Drop Rate +50% 

* The [May 25 (Wed) Update] brings the Item Drop Rate Hot Time to the Arsha server as well.
■ Content Affected by Item Drop Rate Effects

There is a variety of ways (Hot Time, Scrolls, Knowledge (Ecology) Effect, etc.) to increase the drop rate of items in Black Desert. While this item drop rate buff mostly applies to all loot dropped by defeated monsters, it does exclude certain game content and cases where loot is individually obtained when one monster is defeated by multiple Adventurers. 


Please refer below to learn more about what the item drop rate affects. 

■ Party Content Affected by Item Drop Rate Buffs (As of May 25, 2022) 
Type  Details 
Loot from Monster Zones Recommended for Parties on the World Map (M) 

Mirumok Ruins, Tunkuta, Abandoned Monastery (Restricted Territory), Gyfin Rhasia Temple, Padix Island, Saltwater Crocodile, Olun's Valley, [Elvia] Altar Imp Habitat, [Elvia] Castle Ruins, etc. 


[Season Party Monster Zones] 

Waragon Nest  

Shultz Guard 

Loot from Unique Monsters  

(Chance to Appear in Monster Zones) 

Fadus Habitat - [Powerful] Fadus Warrior Chief 

Shultz Guard - [Shultz Guard Captain] Kunga 

Aakman Temple - Aakman Darkness Condenser 

Hystria Ruins - Hystria Alerted Watch Tower  

Thornwood Forest - [Fallen] Dark Knight 

Tunkuta - Ulutuka 

Star’s End - Apostle of Malevolence 

Abandoned Monastery (Restricted Territory) - Specter of Belmorn 

Padix Island - Mutant Loah Snake 

Kratuga Ancient Ruins - [Ancient Extermination Weapon] Laytenn 

Gyfin Rhasia Temple - [The First Soldier] Butcher of Gyfin Rhasia 

Blood Wolf Settlement - Kagtum Guard 

Sherekhan Necropolis - [Ancient] Sherekhan Guardian Spirit 

Tshira Ruins - Kvariak 

■ Content Not Affected by Item Drop Rate Buffs (As of May 25, 2022) 
Type  Details 
World Boss Loot  Kzarka, Karanda, Nouver, Kutum, Muraka, Quint, Offin, Garmoth, Vell, etc. 
Items obtainable throughout the Black Desert world from certain events  Golden Dagger, Golden Backpack, Golden Coelacanth, etc. 
Field Boss Loot  Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, Giant Mudster, Dim Tree Spirit, Katzvariak, etc. 
Boss Summon Scroll  Awakened Goblin Chief Summon Scroll, Awakened Altar Imp Captain Summon Scroll, Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll, Pila Fe Scroll, Ibedor's Scroll, Rift's Echo, etc. 
Summoned Guild Boss  Khan, Ancient Puturum, Ferrid, Afuaru's Treasure Chest, etc. 
Erethea's Limbo Loot  All loot that is obtainable from Erethea’s Limbo 
Dark Rift Loot  All loot that is obtainable from the Dark Rift 
Pit of the Undying Loot  All loot that is obtainable from the Pit of the Undying 
Event Monster Loot  Turkey, Targargo, Belmorn, etc. 
Gatekeeper Monster Loot  Cadry Chief Gatekeeper, Crescent Chief Gatekeeper, etc. 
Party Monster Zone  Basilisk Den (3 Adventurers) 
Monster Zone  Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper Zone), Winter Tree Fossil (Normal/Difficult) 

Loot obtained by Gathering from a defeated monster 

* This loot is affected by Gathering Mastery effects. 

Loot obtained from [Graverobber] Afuaru, [Suspicious] Poacher in Monster Zones, and [Dreadwinter Guardian] Erebjork 
Items obtained by opening chance-driven boxes and bundles 
* Please note that the information above is subject to change depending on additions/changes to the in-game content. 

Additional Notices 

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