17.06.2020 — 30.07.2020

Caption This! Event

17 June 2020 09:00


Choose your favorite scene in our newest Carbot Animation Video, screenshot then caption it and express your creativity!



Event Period

  • Submission Date (Post on your SNS!): June 17 (after maintenance)–June 30 (23:59 UTC)

  • Winner’s Announcement: July 3, Friday

  • Reward distribution: July 10, Wednesday maintenance.


How to Participate

  • View the Season Server Carbot Animation Video then screenshot any scene you wish. Upload the screenshot, caption it with a creative title, and let us know by hashtagging it!

    • For a post to be eligible, it must meet the following requirements:

      • Posted on your SNS channels (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) and set to public for us to find you.

      • Hashtag #BDOCaptionthis included in the post.

      • In-game Family Name included in the post.

      • Region (NA or EU) included in the post.

  • Our staff will choose 10 winners with the best caption.

  • In addition, even if you are not a winner you will receive a participation prize as long as you post an entry!


Example Images and captions

Image 1


Caption: ex. "Choices choices…"

Image 2


Caption: ex. "O happy dagger! This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die."

Image 3


Caption: ex. "I'm King of the hill!"



  • 10 Selected Winners: 

    • [Event] Classic Outfit Box x1

    • Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min.) x10

    • Time-filled Black Stone x300

    • Refined Magical Black Stone x70

    • Tuvala Ore x50

  • All participants (with an eligible entry): 

    • Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min.) x2

    • Tuvala Ore x100



If you are entering via Facebook:

1. Share the captioned screenshot with #BDOCaptionthis, your in-game Family Name, and region (NA or EU) in the caption.

2. Your Facebook post must be set to public so we can see your posts.


If you are entering via Twitter:

1. Tweet the captioned screenshot with #BDOCaptionthis, your in-game Family Name, and region (NA or EU) in the caption.

2. Your Twitter profile must be set to public so we can see your tweet.


If you are entering via Instagram:

1. Post the captioned screenshot with #BDOCaptionthis, your in-game Family Name, and region (NA or EU) in the caption.

2. Your Instagram profile must be public so we can see your shared posts.



  • Captions can be submitted in English, German, French, and Spanish. Be creative and have fun!

  • This contest is open to Black Desert Online PC players in North America and Europe regions only. 

  • Rewards will be given to winners selected from internal screening. Participation prizes will only be sent to those who have met all the guidelines stated and the submission is deemed eligible. 

  • You must post or share/tweet a captioned screenshot to enter this contest. You are welcome to post/share/tweet as many times as you like, but only one entry will be eligible per person.

  • Only the screenshots taken from the official Carbot animation video featuring Black Desert Online Season Servers will be eligible.

  • There must be no effect applied to the captured screenshot nor have any editing done with it using external third party software.

  • The winners will be selected from eligible submissions by the Black Desert Online Team. 

  • Failure to abide by any of the rules above may result in voiding your eligibility to be selected as a winner.

  • Disclaimers

    • Event period and rules are subject to change with future notice.

    • By posting or sharing the screenshot(s) for this event, you understand and agree that the rights and ownership for the use of the screenshot(s) will automatically belong to Kakao Games Europe B.V. and Kakao Games USA Inc. and that the screenshot(s) can be used at Kakao Games Europe B.V.'s and Kakao Games USA Inc.'s discretion.

    • By participating, you allow Kakao Games B.V. and Kakao Games USA Inc to share your submitted image including your in-game Family name on Kakao Games website, forum, and social media channels.