22.06.2022 — 06.07.2022

Bag and Tag Lema Island Sealife



Event Period 

- June 22, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance - July 6, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance 


Event Details 

- During the event, accept a special event quest at Velia Wharf or Oquilla Wharf. 



Daily Quest

Quest Starting NPC: NPC Croix (Velia Wharf) or NPC Ravikel (Oquilla Wharf) 

Quest Completion NPC: NPC Rebinia (Lema Island) 

* You can accept this event quest from only one of the two starting NPCs above at a time. 

Quest Name Objective Rewards
[Event] Bag and Tag Lema Island Sealife  Defeat Hekaru near Lema Island and speak to NPC Rebinia on Lema Island 

Crow Coin x100 


Selectable Rewards (Choose 1) ▼ 

Frosted Black Stone x5 

Fiery Black Stone x10 

Verdant Black Stone x20 

* The event quest can only be completed once a day per Family and will reset daily at midnight (00:00 UTC). 


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