06.10.2021 — 20.10.2021

Autumn Harvest


The Autumn Harvest is here!  
Enjoy an increased drop rate of Hard Black Crystal Shards and Sharp Black Crystal Shards from Gathering and bountiful rewards for your playtime during the event!


Event 1. Harvesting Sharps and Hards

Event Period

- October 6, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – October 20, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

Event Details

- During the event, the chance you’ll obtain Hard Black Crystal Shards and Sharp Black Crystal Shards from Gathering will be increased!

Increased Chance to Obtain Hard Black Crystal Shard and Sharp Black Crystal Shard

from Gathering During the Event Period!

* The event buff does not stack with the ongoing “Daily Hot Time!” event. Once this event ends, the previously ongoing event Hot Time will be applied.



Event 2. Autumn Gifts!

Event Period

- October 7, 2021 (Thu) 00:00 – October 13, 2021 (Wed) 23:59


Event Details

- Receive the following special items from the Challenge (Y) menu depending on your playtime during the event.

Challenges (Playtime) Completion Rewards

30 Minutes 

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x1


Cron Stone x5

60 Minutes

Brilliant Crimson Fire Flower x2



Fruit of Yianaros x2


Mysterious Blue Conch x2

90 Minutes

Book of Training - Combat (3 Hours) x1


Book of Training – Skill (3 Hours) x1

120 Minutes 

[Event] Extra Mount EXP Scroll (1 Hour) x1


Awakened Fogan Chief Summon Scroll x1

* The event Challenges can only be completed once a day per Family and will reset daily at midnight (00:00).

* The completion rewards for the event Challenge will stack until claimed.

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