30.03.2022 — 06.04.2022

A Letter from the GMs


This event started because of the Black Desert GMs. If you receive a Letter of Luck from a GM or another Adventurer, open the Box of Luck contained within and send the Letter of Luck you receive to another Adventurer’s character to spread the event!

(Sending the Letter of Luck will also automatically send a friend request as well.)

Event Period

- March 30, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance - April 6, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance


Event Details

- Talk about a letter by the strangely lucky [GM] Lemoria has started to spread across the Black Desert world, and drawn the curiosity of the Herald Rubin.

Quest Name Objective Rewards
[Event] The Herald's Curiosity Show the GM’s letter to Rubin

Gold Bar 1G x41

Cron Stone x41

Ancient Spirit Dust x41

* This event quest can only be completed once per Family.
* The [Event] Box of Luck and [Event] Letter of Luck items will be removed during the maintenance on April 6, 2022 (Wed).
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